Our Agile Approach

Agile software development focuses on the delivery of working, valuable software in an incremental and iterative fashion. One of its many strengths is the inclusion of tight feature-driven feedback loops, combined with daily client collaboration.


Our Agile development approach delivers shippable and valuable features quickly, so that your business can test the features with real users. By creating a clear feedback loop with the development team you can then guide future feature development and of course gain trust and confidence in the team’s you’re working with. We have chosen the Scrum framework as our choice of Agile practice and find this one of the most successful frameworks for the projects we deliver.

Feedback is a pivotal aspect of Scrum; while your stakeholders will often have a good idea about what will appeal to your audience, no one will know for sure until working features are delivered to your users.

Getting Scrum development right is not easy; it's not a thin veneer applied over the old waterfall approach, but a fundamental change in mindset for all project stakeholders, from our agile developers to your project stakeholders. Our experience with Scrum over the past six years means we are well placed to help you on the journey towards perfect project execution.

At Bright we have over 20 years’ experience in delivering successful projects to a wide range of clients. We acknowledge that every web development project is different and we devote the best team and choose the right approach to ensure that yours is delivered according to a flexible plan, with a valuable and prioritised feature set for your users.

Scrum uses iteration and constant review to make sure that what is being delivered is what a client really wants. Prioritisation of features is inherent, ensuring that we concentrate on the most valuable ones first. It is common in more traditional projects to deliver a product that contains features that are no longer needed or often used. In Agile development, the emphasis is absolutely on building the valuable features.

Active involvement, cooperation and collaboration make Agile development much more enjoyable for all project participants. You get the absolute best from our team and we get the pleasure of working with customers whose expectations are not only met, but exceeded.