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Asset Bank is a Digital Asset Management System first launched in 2005 by UK software development consultancy, Bright.

Bright was founded in 1999 by our directors Eric and Martin who originally met in 1991 whilst studying Computer Science at Warwick University. They went on to work together at an innovative London-based software development consultancy, Quidnunc, before starting their own company.

Their mission was to provide the high levels of professional service, technical ability and experience normally associated with much larger, industry-leading software development companies, but for a more reasonable price. Success and growth soon followed and today Bright has over 19 years’ experience developing highly usable and robust web applications for a wide range of clients all over the world.

Eric & Martin were inspired to enter the world of Digital Asset Management (DAM) after developing a bespoke image management solution for client GKN Driveline. They quickly realised that the management of digital assets was becoming an important issue for marketing and brand teams; however, at that time, the majority of DAM solutions available came with exorbitant price tags. Their founding vision for Asset Bank was to provide high-quality DAM software at a great price.

The sentiment of that vision remains true today and is still at the heart of everything we do. Inspiring and supportive software solutions that save time, are a delight to use and deliver measurable value to all of our customers.

We employ and invest in the best people so we can deliver exceptional service - from client onboarding through to aftercare. We are dedicated to providing intelligent solutions and supportive service, enabling you to achieve much more at work.


Our mission is to produce intelligent software solutions that we are proud to create, sell and support, and that enable people to achieve more at work.

We are Bright

We design bright software solutions with purpose, intelligence and individuality to help people conduct better business; making their professional lives easier, more productive and fulfilling.

We design products for our clients which will adapt to their needs and new technology, have lasting value and give them the ability to meet future challenges with confidence and flexibility.

Enjoyably Serious

We are serious partners with our clients, constantly refining and simplifying our products, process and service. We do everything to make their experience enjoyable.

Inventive Intelligence

We create powerful software to liberate our clients to unlock and enable the creative potential within their organisations and assets.

Creatively Productive

Our team develop powerful software and provide great service to help our clients be more creatively productive. We save them time, help them achieve more and focus on what’s truly important, both professionally and personally.

Be Different, Be Yourself

We take the time to understand and appreciate what makes our clients unique; to create software best suited to their industry and products and help them use it effectively.

Simply Supportive

We are accountable to our clients and do everything we can to provide effective, professional support when solving their challenges to exceed their expectations.

Meet our team

We asked our team why they like being part of Bright

Martin Wilson

I love working with intelligent, focused people who care deeply about doing the right thing for our clients.

Martin Wilson


Ana Lerma Giménez

Although I’ve only been working for Bright for a few weeks, it was clear from the beginning that I would be surrounded by friendly and dedicated people.

Ana Lerma Giménez


Ash Eskrett

Bright has amazing people, and career progression is taken really seriously. The work is always varied and challenging and we have amazing customers. It's the best job i've ever had!

Ash Eskrett

Customer Success Team Leader

Emily Lamb

Bright nails it with the work life balance, and each day I am inspired by the knowledge and expertise of our amazing team.

Emily Lamb

Dash's Conversion & Optimisation Team Lead

Barney Cox

I like working at Bright because you’re trusted to do your job, try new ideas, and bring them to life - which is very rewarding! I joined the company in lockdown, but everyone has made me feel very welcome and part of the team.

Barney Cox

Product Marketing Lead for Dash


Bright offers a fantastic mix of autonomy and support. You have the freedom to bring your ideas to life along with the encouragement to pursue your career aspirations. I joined during the lockdown but have been made to feel so welcome and have already met some amazing colleagues.

Amy Burchill

SEO and Content Manager

Work for us

Work for us

At Bright, we aim to create career opportunities for our employees that both enhance the company’s growth and enable individuals to truly thrive.

Work for us


Our Culture

Our supportive leadership style means you get to make your own decisions and take responsibility for your own approach to work. As a result, we have very motivated, committed and energetic people who can make a real difference to what we do and how we do it.

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