About us

The Bright story

Your business needs great software that can deliver immediate value and improve your users’ lives.

Bright was founded in 1999 by our directors, Martin and Eric, who originally met studying Computer Science at Warwick University in 1991.

They might look a bit older now than they do in that photo, however our mission is still the same as it was then:

To achieve this mission, we’ve spent the past two decades learning what businesses need most from the SaaS products they use, then cultivating the skills, tools, and processes to deliver that.

These products are built by experts who understand modern users and appreciate the importance of simplicity.

Our talented team of designers and developers thrive on turning bright ideas into a reality.

And that’s allowed us to build exceptional SaaS products that are used by some of today’s most recognisable global brands.

The Bright approach

Our friendly, dedicated team is continuously striving to learn, improve, and make an even bigger positive impact on the business world.

Working with us, you’ll benefit from our lean, agile approach to building outstanding digital experiences.

Not only does this help us deliver the best possible work for our clients, it also allows us to continuously iterate and improve on all our ideas and processes.

Our Values

Be different, be yourself

We encourage our team to do what they do best, giving them the space to achieve more for Bright, our clients, and themselves. Whether you’re loud, quiet, introvert or outgoing, we celebrate individuality and all the quirky brilliance that goes with it.

Enjoyably serious

We’re serious about what we do because it’s stimulating, fulfilling, and enjoyable, and it connects us as a team. We’ve built a working environment that allows genius to flourish. It’s inclusive but not pressuring, vibrant but composed.

Simply supportive

We love what we do, but sometimes we all need a little extra support. We’re always understanding, respectful, and transparent, putting people first. We actively encourage this kind of support, promoting a culture of helpfulness and empathy.

Always adaptable

We embrace change because it enables success. We’re more adaptable because we keep an open mind for new ideas and different ways of thinking. We listen and learn from each other and our clients, and adapt whenever we need to.

Inventive intelligence

We apply inventive intelligence and lateral thought to every challenge we face. Because we think differently from the average agency, we’re better equipped to find extraordinary ideas and innovative solutions.

Creatively productive

We trust our people to take responsibility and do what they do best. Our team is made up of ‘doers’ who work smarter, not longer, by thinking of creative ways to make their days more inspiring and productive.