Organise, find and share your images & videos effortlessly.

Dash is a next-generation Digital Asset Management solution for busy teams that need to find the perfect image quickly.

Beautiful, scalable, AI-powered DAM at a great price.

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Dash organises your files so you can find what you need in seconds.

Dash’s intuitive AI technology automatically tags and categorises your digital assets so you can quickly find perfect images that resonate with your audience, boosting the performance of your new content.

Find, edit and share files faster than your sales team can ask “where’s that client logo?”


Everyone should be using the latest version of an asset, right?

With Dash, you can ensure your team is using approved and up-to-date brand assets. Create permission groups with folder-specific access rights to keep everyone on the same page.

Manage your images' usage rights and expiry dates to ensure you comply with legal obligations.

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Seamlessly share your digital assets with one easy click.

No need to search scattered network drives, create zip files and send using bulky email attachments or generic file-share tools. 

With Dash as your single source of truth for all your digital files, you can find everything in one place and then share with a click.

Impress your clients and partners with a professional-looking branded interactive share page.



Intelligent solutions for visual media

Working with a variety of customers across multiple industries


Connect Dash to your favourite tools

Dash can work with your existing applications to help you do more with your content.

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Optimise your digital content management

 All the features you need to manage your digital assets effortlessly

Custom attributes

Choose which metadata to store, with custom field types.


Group your assets together into curated collections.

Easy sharing

Easily share your digital files via email or by URL link.

Facial recognition

Search for and tag people in your images and videos.

Custom branding

Add your own logo, colours, favicons and background.

Crop & resize

Crop, resize and create presets for images & videos.

Embeddable URLs

Avoid separate file hosting - serve your images straight from Dash.

Object tagging

Identifies and tags locations, text, people, animals and more.


Bulk editing

Update hundreds or even millions of assets at once with the bulk editor.

Advanced video support

Intelligently tag and recognise faces inside video content.

Address lookup

Geolocation search to help you find images based on location.

Enhanced Permissions

Create user groups with folder-specific access permissions