Going the distance for Ukraine

We’re raising money for British Ukrainian Aid – and we need your help!

To show solidarity for Ukraine, Bright are raising money for British-Ukrainian Aid – a charity that sends medical equipment and emergency vehicles out to those in Ukraine who need it the most.

From 31st May to 5th July, our employees will come together, logging bike rides, runs and walks, to virtually cover the 2,342km journey from Brighton, UK (where we’re based) to Kyiv, Ukraine.

Please donate and help us go the distance for Ukraine. Слава Україні! Героям Слава! 

Why are we doing this?

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began over 2 years ago. The war has officially claimed the lives of 11,000 Ukrainians, although the actual toll is likely much higher. It’s also displaced 4 million Ukrainians from their homes.

One of those displaced is Daria Miskevych, who left Kyiv for Brighton in 2022 because of the war. She has since joined our team at Bright, and we feel incredibly privileged to call her our colleague and friend. Please watch the video to hear more about her story.

The war is still devastating lives—a reality that Daria and Ukranians at home and around the world can never forget.

And neither should we.

About British-Ukrainian Aid

British-Ukrainian Aid are a grassroots charity. They work towards a single goal: to see Ukrainians overcome the hardships of the war and live in dignity and prosperity in independent Ukraine.

The charity provides immediate, direct support to war casualties and those helping them on the ground. They offer assistance and guidance to Ukrainian refugees in the UK to help them re-gain stability in their lives and adjust to living away from their home country with confidence and dignity. 

Pledge your support!

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