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Wasting time searching, tagging or updating images for your campaign? 
Easily find, organise and share your digital content in seconds with Dash. 

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Connect Dash to your favourite tools

Dash can work with your existing applications to help you do more with your content.

Let us do the heavy lifting

AI-powered facial recognition intuitively sorts and tags your image and video files making it easy to find what you need, instantaneously.
Beyond tagging faces, Dash automatically identifies and tags your images based on objects, text, locations and more.
Added video support also offers multi-frame scanning and object tagging to ensure seamless searching.  

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Effortless file-sharing customised for your brand

Customise your Dash to suit your brand. Add your logo, brand colours, favicon and more.

Easy-sharing allows you to seamlessly send digital content straight from Dash, promoting your brand in the process.

Say goodbye to bulky email attachments and unnecessary zip files.


Save time with an intuitive platform.

Image presets allow you resize or crop your images with ease to share on any platform.

Apply bulk updates to your assets in seconds.

Create, share and embed links from one or more assets at the click of a button.

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Get the most out of social

Sizing for social ads, banners, logos and more already set up in Dash.

Social image presets for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

Create and share directly from Dash to your social channels.


Manage licenses, expiry dates and stay GDPR compliant

Facial recognition tracks your images of people and consent for use.

Get alerts when licensed photos are about to expire, so you stay on top of GDPR and legal obligations.

Connect contracts with influencer campaigns to optimise partnerships.

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Highly configurable to meet the needs of your team

Enhanced permissions allow you to control access to folders and ensure team members are using approved and up-to-date visual media.

Create permission groups with folder-specific access rights to keep everyone aligned.

Choose which metadata to store along with custom field types. You control which details are relevant to your images.



Empower your team for success

Tired of unnecessary bottlenecks taking up time and resources?

Now the whole team can find and download assets in the right format or make changes where needed.

Give team members contributor access so they can add assets directly into Dash.

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