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Wasting time searching, tagging or updating images for your campaign? 
Easily find, organise and share your digital content in seconds with Dash. 

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Find your images and videos quickly

Automatic object and location tagging, plus AI-powered facial recognition, sorts and tags your files making it easy to find what you need, instantly.
So the next time you're after that specific photo of model 'James Pierce', or want to see all the photos of 'chairs' in your Dash, simply search for those terms and your files will appear. 

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Share your photos and videos securely

Say goodbye to bulky email attachments and unnecessary zip files.

Use Dash's file-sharing functionality to send assets securely to your colleagues and external partners.

Simply select the files or collections you want to send, decide if you'd like to email them over or create a share link - and away you go!


Collaborate with your team, no matter where you are in the world

From photoshoots to marketing campaigns, it takes a village to create beautiful images and video for your brand.

Dash helps teams work together - whether you're working remotely or in the office.

Create content collections and invite your teammates and freelancers to collaborate on them with you, so everyones up-to-date and knows what's going on.

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Manage image upload approvals

Your photographer has finished the product shoot and sent you a .zip file of 30,231,199 images which crashed your email server. Fun!

Next time, ask your photographers, videographers or graphic designers to upload their files straight to Dash, ready for your approval.

Then, you can go through and accept the ones you like into your Dash, and reject the files that need more work (or aren't a good fit).

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Get your images ready for use with pre-set crops

It can be a nightmare cropping images in different sizes for social channels and your website.

Use Dash's social crop pre-sets to get your images ready for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

Not only that, you can also create your own pre-set crops. For instance, if you're producing a lot of blog header images, you can save the specific dimensions as a custom crop pre-set in your Dash.


Keep on top of image licenses, expiry dates and data compliance

Dash makes managing image expiry dates and licenses much simpler.

If you've purchased an image license which has an expiry date, set up alerts in Dash so you get notified when an asset has expired.

Keep on top of model permissions by uploading consent forms and pairing it with Dash's facial recognition feature.

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Control which users see what

Your marketing team will need a different set of permissions to your freelance photographers. Make sure everyone has access to what they need with Dash's permissions options.

Create permission groups which you can add users to- like 'brand team' - with folder-specific access rights to keep everyone aligned.

Choose which metadata to store along with custom field types. You control which details are relevant to your images.



Connect Dash to your favourite tools

Dash connects with your favourite tools, applications and web services - either through our own API or Zapier.

Say goodbye to the chaos of shared drives

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