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Stanley, Spielberg and Skynet – when machine learning went to the movies

The BIG Bright Podcast!

Why DAM holds a key position in the Premiership

What has football and Digital Asset Management (DAM) got in common? Danny Karbassiyoon - that’s who! Danny may now be Co-Founder of the DAM consulting..

5 personable brands that talk the language with their microcopy

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Why the modern marketer is a designer in disguise

The modern marketer hasn’t got it easy. There’s the creative pressure of coming up with ideas that no consumer actually asked for, while staying ahead of..
The BIG Bright Podcast!

Great leaders - are they born or coached?

How can coaching help us become improved leaders? As part of our International Women’s Day podcast mini-series, we invited Rachel Gilmore, an executive..
The BIG Bright Podcast!

Why you should implement Feminist Principles in your organisation...

How would you define the word 'feminist'? It's a term that has been around for decades but often has outdated connotations.
The BIG Bright Podcast!

Poker, Tech & Gaming - It's a woman's world too

In our podcast mini-series, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day by interviewing women who are pushing the boundaries and making a difference in..

The Great Suppression - Why Marketing Teams Need More Freedom

It’s 2021 and we’ve got the digital world at our fingertips. Marketing online has become increasingly competitive as we tussle for visibility on social..

Personalisation in marketing - creative or creepy?

The internet is getting smarter and our data is being used in ways that perhaps we didn’t even think possible. This is great news for marketers, but less..

Four brands smashing it on Instagram

With every brand and their aunt on Instagram these days, only the creative will stand out. Whilst some are playing it safe, we’ve been impressed by brands..
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