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Video marketing doesn't need to be complicated - let templating help you out

We understand that creating professional-looking video content can be a costly and complicated process. For marketers on a tight budget, this is the..

Great ideas don't come from 'best practices' - they take creativity

“The human mind does not run on logic any more than a horse runs on petrol.” Rory Sutherland, vice chairman of Ogilvy UK Waiting for Google’s latest..
Digital Asset Management

Dash now integrates with Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office

So you've got a file in your Digital Asset Management system you want to edit. You download it to your desktop, open it up in your editing application,..

Non-fungible tokens and the ever-changing value of digital assets

“It’s only now that the appropriate gallery for my work finally exists” M.I.A. The pop artist auctioned off a moving image titled ‘KIZHI COYN’ in a..

From rags to rebirths - seven basic plots in modern brands

In a bid to tackle loneliness, Cadbury recently announced that 10 million of their chocolate bars will feature 'unexpected stories' from older people's..

Brands that subtly changed their style (without you even noticing)

“The name White Ops represents something different than what we’ve intended. It perpetuates a toxic association of good and bad with color and race.”..

Stanley, Spielberg and Skynet – when machine learning went to the movies

“Unleashing the power of AI is a top priority in our plan…” No, these aren’t the maniacal words of Oscar Isaac’s Nathan in Ex Machina or some sleazy Omni..

Why DAM holds a key position in the Premiership

What has football and Digital Asset Management (DAM) got in common? Danny Karbassiyoon - that’s who! Danny may now be Co-Founder of the DAM consulting..

5 personable brands that talk the language with their microcopy

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Why the modern marketer is a designer in disguise

The modern marketer hasn’t got it easy. There’s the creative pressure of coming up with ideas that no consumer actually asked for, while staying ahead of..
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