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Image Management is actually a subset of Digital Asset Management in that the former involves just the management of images alone, whereas the latter involves other digital assets including audio files, video files, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and all other types of file. Even though image management is a subset, it is often the most comment asset clients mention when looking for a digital asset or image management system.

In this blog we take a look at the image management features of Asset Bank's Digital Asset Management Software. Asset Bank Image Management Features 

  • Upload a single image or as many as you want in a batch.
  • Generation of thumbnail, medium and large image views on upload. This helps you view and choose images quickly when browsing your image library.
  • Lightning fast search even if you have millions of images. Common searches can be saved and highlighted on your home page to make searches even quicker.
  • Application of a watermark on your images to prevent users who have view only permission from downloading your images. There is also the option to turn off 'right-click' functionality to prevent unauthorised downloads.
  • Ability to convert your original image to the size and format that you or users require before you download, including the ability for an admin user to set up pre-sets for this purpose (e.g 300 x 250 web banner size as JPG or GIF)
  • Ability to set up and apply 'masks' over your images at point of download (masks are images with transparent areas which your image then shows through)
  • Optional 'send as e-card' functionality that allows your users to send a fully formatted HTML email that contains a medium sized version of an image complete with a message from the user
  • Multiple lightboxes available so you can shortlist a number of images for a particular use and easily share with colleagues or partners to choose which image to use
  • Optional image comments and star ratings, allowing your user base to rate and talk about your images
  • Generate a contact sheet of your images from a lightbox, including display of attributes of your choice. You can also download this contact sheet as a high-res PDF - see figure above
  • Generate slide shows and photo essays for display on your homepage or use the embed code to add these to other sites
Please read more about our image management software or contact us to request a quote or organise a free trial.
ITV is delighted with the performance and service. Dan Gleeson, ITV

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