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Image Library Software

It’s easy for any company - big or small - to accumulate hundreds, if not thousands, of images. Whether you’ve got folders filled with product photography or staff snaps for your employer brand - image library software is key to helping you stay focused, organised and to keep making the most of your images.

Asset Bank’s and Dash's image library software is part of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, designed to help you manage, find and share your brand images, videos and digital files. Not only will you wave goodbye to cluttered shared drives and chaotic desktops - you’ll give your brand content the space it needs to thrive.


Quickly upload and download files

It's simple to create a new image library or migrate your current image management system into Asset Bank or Dash. Image storage is easy too. You can upload a single image or as many as you want in one batch. Your new image library will automatically create image previews allowing you to quickly locate the file you need. Using the cloud to host your images won't put excess load on your server, ensuring there is no limit to the number or the size of the files you can upload.


Download conversion options

Asset Bank and Dash allows admins to create download conversion presets, making it easy for users to get the file they need in the format they require. Options include re-sizing, cropping, colour-space conversion and changing file format. Users can optionally be given Advanced Download options, allowing them to crop, re-size and reformat images as they see fit.


Create multiple lightboxes

Our clients tell us that our 'lightbox' functionality in Asset Bank and 'collections' in Dash is one of our most exciting features. You can create as many image gallery lightboxes as you need. It's easy to share these with other users of the system, or publish them online to be shared externally with partner organisations.


Lightning fast searching

Even with very high volumes of images in your database, it will always be possible to conduct lightning quick searches. Features include quick search, advanced search (to search on combinations of specific criteria), search builder (to build complex search queries), auto-complete (suggesting search terms based on existing metadata) and wildcard searching.


Sophisticated analytics

The image management solutions in Asset Bank and Dash include powerful and easy to use reports including image popularity (views or downloads). Asset Bank has additional reports available, such as search reports (allowing you to review what search terms are being used and if these are successful), duplicates detection and full audit logging.


Highly configurable

Though most businesses have similar needs, there is always unique functionality required. We are experienced in tailoring our image storage service to suit individual organisational needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What image formats can be stored?

Pretty much any image format can be stored in Dash and Asset Bank including jpg, gif, bmp, png, raw, ai, psd, pdf etc etc.

What is metadata?

Metadata is the different tags you add to images to enable them to be categorised, stored and found. This might include attributes like text fields for image descriptions and keywords but also links, geo spatial attributes and model release forms.

How can I share images?

Your colleagues and partners can help themselves by logging in directly and downloading the image they require. They can download presets in your popular image sizes or resize, edit or crop the image prior to downloading. You can also share individual or multiple images by email.

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