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An overview of our digital asset management software case studies by industry. A quick chat with our Sales Manager, Ross and a glance at our web stats suggests case studies are a useful tool to help evaluate Digital Asset Management vendors. So here's a guide to our case studies by industry.

If you already have a Digital Asset Management system in place you might find it useful to see what other clients are doing.


Leisure and Tourism

Leisure and Tourism is a fast growing sector for Asset Bank. There is a greater needs for DAM systems as most organisations have thousands of images and videos that they need to share with colleagues, the media, and their advertising agencies. Some tourism attractions such as Brighton's Royal Pavilion have also created further revenue opportunities by using their Asset Bank to sell rights to images for commercial and private usage. Explore more leisure and tourism case studies, from the ANZ Olympic stadium in Australia to The White House Historical Association.


Media and Events

As with the tourism industry, even more so actually, media companies like the UK's No1 TV Channel ITV have a huge amount of digital assets to manage. ITV chose Asset Bank to provide a Brand Bank to help them manage all their new brand assets as part of their rebrand. Read more about ITV's Brand Bank.

We have also developed picture and video asset management systems for quite a few high profile events such as the Volvo Ocean Race.


Not for Profit

Not for profit is a wide category, spanning charities to government organisations. In some regards they have similar asset management needs, to be able to securely manage assets and closely control the access of assets by user group. This is something that is very important for our client Amnesty International, read more about their digital asset management system.

In addition to charity clients, we work with a range of local and National government bodies. In fact we have just launched an e-commerce image management system for The National Archives.


Other Industries

Asset Bank produces digital asset management solutions for a wide variety of clients and industries across the world. If you would like to see a case study relevant to your industry please get in touch.

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