Be You, Be Bright

Our supportive leadership style means you get to make your own decisions and take responsibility for your own approach to work. As a result, we have very motivated, committed and energetic people who can make a real difference to what we do and how we do it.


Be You, Be Bright

What makes us different?

Be Different Be Yourself

Empowering our team to do what they do best and giving them the space to achieve more for their company and themselves

Loud, quiet, introvert or outgoing; we celebrate individuality and all the quirky brilliance that goes with it.

Enjoyably Serious

We are serious about what we do because it's stimulating, fulfilling and enjoyable and it connects us as a team. We have built a professional environment that allows genius to flourish; its is inclusive but not pressuring; social yet relaxed; vibrant and composed.


We are

We embrace change because it enables success. We’re more adaptable because we keep an open-mind and an open-door to new ideas, ways of thinking and technology; we listen and learn from each other and our clients.


Simply Supportive

We love what we do but sometimes we all need a little extra support. Always helpful to each other, we are understanding, respectful and transparent

We actively encourage this kind of support and promote a culture of helpfulness and empathy whether this be in cross team collaboration or in our social interactions.


We are inventive intelligence

We apply inventive intelligence and lateral thought to every challenge we face. Because we think differently we are better equipped to find extraordinary ideas and solutions.

We are Creatively Productive

We liberate our team to do what they do best; giving them space to achieve more for the company and themselves. Our team is made up of ‘doers’ who work smarter, not longer, by thinking of creative solutions to make their days more inspiring and productive.

We are Bright Ideas

It’s not a boast; it’s who we are and our goal; to build and inspiring workplace where we can create smarter more ingenious software solutions

It’s not all about work

We have a good social scene too.

Whether it’s drinks after work on a Friday, board games & LAN nights, the odd karaoke session or our quarterly review parties - Our social committee are always looking for ways in which we can have a great time inside and outside of work.