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It’s pretty common for your Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution to notify you when new users want to register to use the system, or even when new images are uploaded. 

But did you know that Asset Bank offers other notification options which can help you and your teams stay up to date and engaged with the system? Let's explore some of these!

Asset Expiry Alerts

Avoid the fines and the fear! This is a brilliant feature and helps you to keep right on top of you digital asset collection. This feature is ideal if you have:

  • Images that have been purchased from a gallery site that are licenced for a fixed period of time (e.g. one year)
  • Photos of individuals who have agreed for their image to be used for a fixed length of time, often linked to European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) responsibilities
  • Product images that have a known seasonal life, with a fixed endpoint.


The other boon is that it's an easy feature to use. Your users can set these expiry dates when uploading the files and when the date is reached then the status of those assets will change to ‘expired’. This means you can still store the assets within Asset Bank but they will be hidden from view. 

In addition to this, Asset Bank can also send expiry alerts to various groups of users, including admins and people who have previously downloaded the files. 

These can include a warning a few weeks before an asset is due to expire and a message on the day of expiry itself. Admin users can then decide if they should archive, delete or extend the asset’s lifespan.

New Asset Version Alerts

It’s quite common for versions of images, videos and documents to change over time because they’ve been corrected or amended. 

For example, you may be uploading a copy of your new brand guidelines, or simply a corrected version of a product image. 

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By activating the ‘new asset version’ alert, those who have recently downloaded the old version of the file will automatically be notified when a new version has been uploaded. This prevents them using out of date materials, and protects your brand.

New Content Alerts

With most DAM systems you can easily curate the homepage to highlight recently added content, however, this will only be visible to users who log in. 

What about the people who visit your DAM less frequently? 

They’re missing out on your inspiring brand content and so why not get them engaged by sending out a manual communication to members of certain user groups, or simply utilise the ‘new content alerts’ feature to make this happen automatically.

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If you turn on these alerts in Asset Bank, when any new content is uploaded (that a particular user has permission to see), they’ll receive an email notification with a link to the files in question. 

We hate spam as much as you do, so alerts like this are typically only sent once per week.

The other plus point is that the frequency of notifications can be controlled via a user’s profile so that they can opt out it if no longer useful.

Tailored Content Alerts

Receive alerts about content that really matters to you! 

Asset Bank’s ‘saved search’ function gives you the option to set up personal notifications for when new and relevant content that matters to you is uploaded.

You might be interested in general video content, or perhaps you may want to know when product images are uploaded to a specific folder. It could even be as simple as wanting to know when new images such as landscapes, food or people are added to the system.

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All of these notifications, help to increase engagement, protect your brand and ensure that everyone benefits from your ever-growing collection of assets.

To learn how to switch on or configure any of the notifications above, just drop our customer support team a line or give us a call on                     +44 (0)1273 923152 and one of the team will get right back to you.


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