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IE6_logoLast year, Microsoft themselves celebrated the death of IE6 when usage in the US dropped below 1%. Shortly after usage in the UK also dropped below 1%. Here at Asset Bank we hung on for another year, but we’ve finally decided to officially drop support for IE6 when developing new functionality.

Internet Explorer 6 is a web browser that first landed nearly 12 years ago, back with the launch of Windows XP. It has since gained a certain notoriety among web developers due to its many bugs and  general lack of support for modern web technologies. It has already been dropped by the likes of Google Apps, YouTube and Wordpress, and even Microsoft themselves are campaigning for people to stop using it.

By dropping support we can spend less time testing and fixing for IE6 and more time creating richer experiences in Asset Bank using new technologies and methods that IE6 simply can’t cope with.

If you feel this decision will have a big impact on you then please get in touch with our support team.

Thanks, Ben.

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