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Asset Bank CMS Integration

If you are interested in integrating Asset Bank with a Content Management System (e.g. a company intranet) so that it can be used to quickly find and insert an image for a news article, then this is possible via our CMS integration. (Please note that this is an Enterprise Feature.)

How it works

Your developers would insert a button into your CMS that will call Asset Bank in CMS mode (see Fig 1.). This mode will show Asset Bank with the permissions of a specified user group (to ensure only relevant assets are shown) and will have the 'Download' button replaced with a 'Select for CMS' button instead.


Fig 1. A button is added to your CMS (highlighted in red

In this example a sales coordinator is writing an article about a forthcoming incentive. He now wants to add an image to improve the article. He clicks on the Asset Bank button and Asset Bank is launched in CMS mode. He then searches for 'sailing' (see Fig 2.)


Fig 2. The user finds an image

He now selects the image, chooses the size (e.g. Small 400 x 400), then clicks 'Select for CMS' (see Fig 3).


Fig 3. A size is chosen for the selected image

The image is now automatically re-sized and returned to the calling CMS. In this case, added to the body of the article.


Fig 4. The selected image is automatically returned to the CMS

He can now complete his article and post it to his intranet homepage. This illustrates how Asset Bank can be integrated into existing systems to increase business efficiency and to make the most of the assets you already own. We also have an API (Application Programmers Interface) and a Publishing feature that can be used to integrate with other systems.

More details

To try a demo of this in action, please visit our CMS Integration Prototype Other resources:

To find out more please contact the Asset Bank Support Team: , +44 (0) 1273 923 150

Thanks, Paul.

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