Media Asset Management

Asset Bank and Dash's multimedia asset management software is the perfect solution for the storage, management and sharing of all your media files. Our system can handle absolutely any file and format, from videos to images to audio files.

Complete asset storage

Complete asset storage

Our solutions can store and help you manage and share absolutely any file.

Here's just an example of some of the multi media assets we can manage.

  • Images - jpg, giff, bmp, png, psd (Photoshop), ai (Illustrator), etc.
  • Videos - wmv, mpg, mpg-4, mov, etc.
  • Audio - mp3, wav, etc.

You can upload one by one or in bulk.

Sophisticated downloading

Sophisticated downloading

It's very easy to find and download any media asset. Even better, you can make a number of customisations within Asset Bank and Dash before you download. Crop, mask or resize images or convert video and audio files into your required format. You can also share assets with others using attachments or links.

Meta data

Meta data

You can choose any meta data you wish to attribute to your assets, such as text, date, seo meta, links, and geo spatial attributes. It's possible to upload existing meta data into Dash and Asset Bank as well as extract it as required. It is also possible to apply meta data to multiple files when bulk uploading.

Lightboxes and Collections

Lightboxes and Collections

With Asset Bank you can create as many 'lightboxes' as you need for your multimedia assets, and you can do the same in Dash through 'collections'. It is possible to sort them by any attributes as well as easily share them with colleagues to agree on an image or video to use. You can view them as a slideshow or generate a photo essay.


Completely bespoke

Though it is likely you will have some media asset management requirements which are common with other companies, we are pretty sure that you will have some individual needs too. We are very used to tailoring our software, indeed we like to think we are pretty good at it. Almost all of our software can be configured to suit your organisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What media files can you store?

You can store pretty much any type of file in Dash and Asset Bank including video files like wmv, mpg, mpg4, and mov; audio files like mp3 and wav; and image files like jpg, gif, bmp, png and raw.

What is video keywording?

Video keyworing allows you to keyword metadata to particular points of time in a video asset. Users can then quickly find a video that matches the keyword they searched for and jump straight to the point in the video where the keyword occurs. This makes selecting the video you need for your purposes much simpler and quicker.

Can I use Dash or Asset Bank to convert media files?

With many file types in Asset Bank and Dash you can convert files into different formats. For example you can convert a jpg image to a gif.

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