Client review: Guinness World Records


My name is Robert Howe and I’m the director of IT at GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. I’m responsible for the global IT infrastructure across all five of our offices and all of our remote workers.

The first book was designed just to be a quiz book for pubs and then it was sold to WH Smith and just took off.

When I first joined, we were in the process of revamping everything from the ground up. The company at the time was going through a transition of being just purely a book, which we’re primarily know in the West for, to being a far broader business. One of the things we identified quite quickly was we didn’t have any way of containing our assets, they were all just on file servers, every department had their own selection of assets. We knew straight away, we need an asset management system.

Asset Bank has massively reduced the amount of manual work for our picture team and our TV team, because they don’t need to make multiple copies of files. We needed something that could work with other platforms. The passion of the team came across very well.

One thing I don’t think I was prepared for, was how quickly the data would grow and how rapidly the system was adopted, certainly Asset Bank has caught on like wild fire within GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.