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IPPF Healthcheck Case Study

How IPPF used Asset Bank's healthcheck, a consultancy package that guides administrators through a comprehensive evaluation of the way they are using Asset Bank that results in the system being re-configured to meet the needs of your users

The challenge

When a new look and feel was launched for Asset Bank the administration team from the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) got in touch with the Asset Bank team as they were keen to go ahead with the visual upgrade and ensure they were making use of the latest features. Whilst discussing these changes we realised that a much broader review of the system would be beneficial. Over the three years since the system was installed there had been limited development, meaning that user needs had changed and were no longer aligned with the system configuration.

Our approach

IPPF signed up to an Asset Bank healthcheck, a consultancy package that guides administrators through a comprehensive evaluation of the way they are using Asset Bank that results in the system being re-configured to meet the needs of your users.

We held an initial scoping meeting with IPPF administrators to assess the current setup, look for key pain points, and understand what they wanted to achieve for their users. We identified several issues, including a complex Group structure that was difficult to manage, duplication within the category structure, and duplication of assets themselves across the system. Despite the best efforts of the IPPF admin team to keep metadata accurate and comprehensive, the difficult-to-use category structure resulted in a poor user experience.

Implementing the changes

After the initial assessment, we worked through a series of actions to implement the changes that were needed. A key aspect was to convert the existing 'Categories and Access Levels' into 'Folders', making it easier for administrators to configure their Groups based on the folder location of the assets. We worked together to carry out a thorough de-duplication process to remove old versions of assets with incorrect metadata, followed by implementing a new Folder structure to more easily browse these assets.

A range of Asset Bank features, such as advanced search and metadata imports and exports, were used to support the re-categorisation of thousands of assets that were previously difficult to find. We also limited access to a subset of more sensitive content to a smaller number of users. Key content is now showcased on the homepage using a new saved search that highlights key images and news items are used to communicate additional information.

The outcome

Following the healthcheck, IPPF were delighted with the refreshed system. Thousands of obsolete assets were removed and the new structure is both easier for users to browse and for administrators to manage. We coordinated the launch of the new system to the rest of the organisation. Users are now much clearer about the content of the collection of assets and how to find, download and edit what they were looking for. As well as enjoying the widescreen layout with the latest features of Asset Bank, they now have a much clearer idea about managing their assets as the collection evolves and expands. IPPF now have a best in class system that effectively supports digital asset management across the organisation.

Client feedback

The following is a quote from IPPF regarding the project:

Benefitting from a much needed Healthcheck & upgrade service

We have been using Asset Bank for a number of years now and have just benefitted from the Healthcheck package, upgrade and refresh of the latest features. This process has only enhanced what is already a great product and resource for storing, archiving and sharing valuable assets across a large international organization.

Aesthetically it looks great and really showcases photography while the functionality affords many options to configure Asset Bank to your bespoke needs in terms of structure and organizing assets.

Working with Stewart in the support team was great. He really helped get the best out of the consultancy package identifying areas for continual improvement and managing a lot of the more challenging technical aspects.

Overall a great product and support service.

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