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Focolare Movement

Using Asset Bank to share films quickly and efficiently all over the world.

The goal of the Focolare Movement is a more united world, building bridges and looking more for what unites us than focusing on what divides. They are active in 194 countries and the organisation and its associates comprises people of all religions, cultures, ages and walks of life.

Founder Chiara Lubich with Buddhist leaders (CSC Audiovisivi)

The brief

Asset Bank was approached by CSC media, the in-house A/V department of Focolare, to provide a Media Asset Management system that would allow them to securely share their videos with their local and regional associations all over their world. They previously shared this content via physical DVDs, they realised a digital asset library could save them a lot of time and space. To give you an idea of the scale of their assets they have an archive of 10,000 Digital Betacam tapes that they are currently in the process of digitising.

CSC Tape Archive (CSC Audiovisivi)

The solution

CSC’s Asset Library was launched in March 2014 and they are now on the way to sharing all videos digitally as opposed to having to mail DVDs. Asset Bank acts as a global library that Focolare regional centres can access instantly with secure logins and download any videos that they have permission to use. Metadata is embedded in the H.264 video files and their video library is configured so that this metadata is automatically transferred with the file. This means that when users download and open these videos, in itunes or VLC for example, all the metadata and cataloguing is still place. This is a great time saver for the regional centres as they don’t need to do any archiving work themselves.

CSC Asset Library (CSC Audiovisivi)


The new video library is already providing a success. Here’s a comment from one of Focolare’s regional centres in India:

‘Just checked out the site and it is excellent. Congratulations! It will be very useful. We have been waiting for something like this and you've gone beyond expectations. It's great, user friendly, very good layout, clear. To me it's just perfect!’

Kim Rowley, Co-director at CSC Media is also very happy:

‘The ability to set permission levels, harvest metadata from uploaded video files and link text and audio assets to a given video has given us a very functional workflow at an affordable price. We are conscious that we have only begun to discover the depth that this product offers and appreciate the helpful knowledge base materials available online. All this and more topped with superlative customer service convinces us that we have made the right choice with Asset Bank.’

Kim Rowley, Co-director
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