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Charming Charlie


Charming Charlie is a major North American retailer of women’s jewellery and accessories. Although the company launched only 10 years ago it now has over 350 stores across the US, Canada and the Middle East, including their flagship New York store which opened in June 2015.



A critical element of Charming Charlie’s business is samples. Samples, and images of these samples, have a vital role in e-commerce, marketing, floor set walk thru’ s, PR and Social Media. They are also used to compare what was originally purchased from a vendor. As you might expect Charming Charlie have a lot of samples to manage, currently over 10,000 but growing quickly every day. They were keen to explore how Digital Asset Management software could be used to create one central sample management system, enabling their designers and production team to quickly search and find samples by attributes such as vendor name, style, and colour.

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During the pre-sales stage we were happy to set up Charming Charlie with a free trial of Asset Bank. Their use case was quite unique for a DAM system so it was important for both them and us to make sure Asset Bank could do the job. Their trial was branded using their identity so the team could imagine what their final system - called the Samples Catalogue - would look like. We also set up the trial and metadata fields to match Charming Charlie’s specific needs so they could be sure it would work as required. One of Asset Bank’s strengths is we can offer complete flexibility when setting up metadata attributes.

The trial went smoothly and we were delighted when Charming Charlie chose Asset Bank as their DAM system. Even better, because the trial has been configured to suit their needs, and a lot of questions and configuration options had already been addressed, we were able to save a lot of time during the install phase as we could seamlessly migrate their trial Asset Bank into their final Samples Catalogue.

As the company is going through a phase of rapid growth we recommended that we hosted their Asset Bank in the cloud. This allows them to scale up more easily in the future.


Charming Charlie’s Samples Catalogue has only been live for just over six months but it already holds 25,145 assets and is growing every day. Sample coordination manager Dena Arevalo is happy too:

“I have really enjoyed the service level and the Asset Bank product. Asset Bank was originally just used to capture the samples coming into our corporate office, but after conference calls with the Asset Bank team they have helped us enhance the product even more. We are now extending use of our Samples Catalogue to our vendor base, getting them to upload photos prior to sending samples. This gives our cross functional partners more visibility to what product we have in house.”

Dena Arevalo, Sample coordination manager
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