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ANZ Stadium

Read how ANZ use Asset Bank for their image asset management.

ANZ Stadium was purpose built for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, and is the only stadium in the world designed to host five professional sports – rugby league, rugby union, Australian rules, football and cricket. It can seat up to 83,500 spectators and, as well as being used for sport, it is used by global entertainment acts such as U2 and the Rolling Stones.


Images needed to support marketing and sales activity

At any point in time ANZ Stadium works with a host of partner organisations on marketing and sales activities. Each of these campaigns requires good supporting images to be found, selected and used from the many thousands that ANZ Stadium own and continue to accumulate over time.

The old method

Previously finding images was very time consuming as they were stored in various locations on different parts of the network and contained no metadata to make searching truly viable. This could often lead to:

  • time consuming manual searches
  • use of an image that would do, rather than the best image possible
  • over use of good images that had been found previously

The Asset Bank software

ANZ Stadium decided that they needed to get organised and purchase a Digital Asset Management system. After considering several vendor options ANZ Stadium opted for Asset Bank as the most suitable package for their needs.

Core requirements included:

  • Centralisation of all images in one place, accessible from anywhere via a web browser
  • The ability to set up different user groups with different permissions (such as download after approval)
  • A clear and simple user interface to make it easy and intuitive to use
  • Both simple and advanced search options to help users find exactly what they need as quickly as possible
  • An approval workflow to ensure that the relevant department could authorise the use of an image for a particular campaign
  • The ability to delegate administration duties such as user management and approval control to different departments

The complete Asset Bank solution

Asset Bank was remotely installed onto the servers at ANZ Stadium, configured to match their requirements and administrator training delivered. As part of their on-going support agreement ANZ Stadium have access to product upgrades that are released on a quarterly basis which include enhancements to existing functionality plus brand new features. This ensures that their Asset Bank solution retains its value over time.

"The introduction of Asset Bank at the Stadium eliminated the need for the marketing team to spend time searching for images, and allowed the business to source required assets for themselves. Having everything in one location also reduced the duplication of files on the network freeing up valuable disk space on our servers. The ability to audit and track what images were being downloaded by the business ensured that any brand guidelines were being followed and that it was always the latest version of the asset."

Jonathan Moody, Business Analyst at ANZ Stadium
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