Ziflow Integration

Stop relying on email attachments and hard copy print-outs to review and produce creative content. Utilise our Ziflow integration to transform your content creation and approval process. 

About Ziflow

Ziflow is online proofing software for agencies and brands. It has all the features you need to manage your content review and approval process, so that you can deliver your marketing projects faster and reduce the possibility of costly mistakes. Features include collaboration, annotations, version comparisons and configurable workflows to truly streamline your creative process.

How does the integration work with Asset Bank?

Once you have created your new content piece using Ziflow, the final approved version is automatically transferred into your Asset Bank, saving you valuable time.

Every time you upload a final approved version, a link back to the audit trail (which is recorded in Ziflow) is added to the asset detail page in Asset Bank.

You can easily review an audit trail of the file, once it's been uploaded to Asset Bank. So, if you ever need to trace what changes were agreed and by whom in the content creation process, you can simply click a link in Asset Bank to access this detail held within Ziflow.

Check out this brief demo video to get a flavour of how the integration works:

HubSpot Video


HubSpot Video
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