Connect Dash to your favourite tools

Integrate Dash with your favourite tools, applications and web services. Use either Dash's API, custom integrations with Hootsuite and Adobe Creative Suite, or get Dash synced-up with many more using Zapier.  




Host brand guidelines, styleguides and other content collections with Dash's Corebook integration. Simply hook Dash up to Corebook, select the files from your Dash you want to feature, and away you go. Then link to your brand guideline pages from your Dash, so new users can make sure they're keeping on-brand.



Use Dash's Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office integration from CI HUB to work on Dash files directly in the application. Download, edit, and re-upload to your Dash ready for your colleagues to use. No more switching back and forth between windows and applications when editing your creative files.



Make sure your team knows when new content is available. This integration adds all of your assets shared in Slack to your Dash without any extra effort from your side. You'll also receive a Slack message whenever a new asset is added to Dash or a specific folder within Dash. It's never been easier to keep your team in the loop.


Adobe InDesign

InDesign makes creating marketing content a breeze but it can be a pain to jump around from your folders back to InDesign to find images. Now you can pull them directly into InDesign without ever having to leave your design or disrupt your creative flow.



Pull images directly from Dash to Hootsuite and then share with your audience. When a new asset is added to a folder in Dash, you'll have it immediately available in Hootsuite. Schedule and share posts with your most up-to-date content while still using the tools you love.



35% of the web uses WordPress and they would need an effective way to access their images without having to search endlessly for them. This integration lets you access Dash images directly from WordPress's media library without having to fumble between systems.



Need to work seamlessly across multiple folders? When a file is added to a specified folder in Dropbox, it automatically adds that file to your Dash account so you can find it easily. It's never been easier to unify your content.



Make sure important video and image files are accessible from anywhere. When a file is added to a specific Box folder, this integration automatically adds that file to your Dash account. Effortlessly access any content you need in seconds.



Set up emails to be sent whenever a new asset is added to Dash or create a rule where image or video files sent via email automatically get added to Dash. Never have to search your inbox for an image again!


Google Drive

Make sure you can access all of your digital content directly from Dash. When a folder is added to Google Drive, it is also added to Dash so you can access it from anywhere you store your files. Tagging and facial recognition is done in Dash so you can find what you need, faster than before.



Posting relevant content is vitally important for your brand - make sure you don't stagnate. When a new asset is uploaded to a specific folder in Dash, this integration uploads the asset as an image type in Drupal. You won't have to manually upload content again.



When a new image or video file is added to a folder in Dash, you'll have it immediately available in Buffer. Set up posts with your most up-to-date content while still using the tools you already know.

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