Share and collaborate on visual content easily

Give colleagues access to your Dash, or share multiple files at the click of a button.
No bottlenecks. No crashing servers with huge attachments. Sharing images and video is simple and painless, like it should be.
Will @ taster
“Dash is helping our collaborative efforts and making the process of sharing assets internally and externally easier and more efficient.”
Lauren Marketing Specialist Read full review on

🚨 New - Give public access to your brand's images and videos

Select groups of your brand's images and videos publicly available, without users requiring a Dash login.
No more individually emailing external partners - like journalists or resellers - every time you've updated an asset, or have new photos to share. Just send them over to your portal, right from your Dash. 

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Send files fast

Share images and videos effortlessly from Dash. Select as many assets as you want and decide whether to share by email or with a unique URL.
You won't need off-brand, third-party sharing sites again. It's never been easier to give your colleagues or partners access to the files they need.

Work with your team

From photoshoots to marketing campaigns, it takes a village to create stunning images and video for your brand.

Dash helps you do that, bringing teams together - whether you're remote or in the office.

Create collections and invite teammates and freelancers so everyone's up-to-date and knows what's going on.


Streamline content approvals

Your photographer has finished a shoot and sent you a zip file of 30,231,199 images. Fun!

Next time, have them upload straight to Dash, ready for your approval.

Go through and accept the ones you like into your Dash, and reject the files that need more work.


Control who gets to see what

Teams need different sets of permissions. Create permission groups which you can add users to - like 'brand team' - to keep everyone aligned.

Everyone will have access to the files, folders and assets they need - without seeing what you don't want them to.



Build your online brand guide

Do away with ye olde style guide PDF and take yours online using Dash's integration with Corebook.

Use image, video, and font files from your Dash. It's editable and beautifully presented, just like your brand deserves.

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Sharing is easy with Dash - here's what our customers are saying

  • AH


    Marketing Administrator

    Great visual tool for collaboration

    Collaboration is number one. We're able to share specific items with partners, departments, vendors, etc. with ease in a central location rather than using a tool where downloads disappear after time.

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  • Jonathan-W

    Jonathan W

    Graphic Designer

    In-House Getty Images

    I love that anyone in the organization can take part in the photo collaboration on Dash. It's an excellent tool for any size organization that has photographers and designers.

    Read full review on
  • TS-1

    Tom S

    Content/Social Manager

    An invaluable tool

    Having access for multiple users is key ... meaning you can brief photographers and contributors, then ask them to upload directly to Dash.

    Read full review on

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