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Search your visual content with Dash and save hours each day.
Dash's AI tags the content of your assets (like objects and faces), which you can search for.
Combine this with your own custom attributes - like product lines and marketing campaigns - and you'll never lose another file again.

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Will @ taster
“I'm saving 1-2 hours a day not having to dig up assets for people across the business – they can now find what they need directly in Dash super quickly.”
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AI-generated tags make for speedy searching

You'd find your assets quicker if you could search for what they contained.
Dash's AI makes that possible, tagging image and video with objects, faces and more.

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Leave the chaos of shared drives behind

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The freedom to organise your assets how you want

Dash gives you the tools to organise your creative assets in a way that makes sense to your business. 

Your Dash, your rules

Use tags, attributes and filters to build your Dash in a way that works best for your brand.

Here's a few ideas for tagging your images and video:

  • If you're selling items online, tag your assets by the product line that's featured
  • Tag by which marketing campaign your images or videos are to be used in
  • Create a tag to let others know if an asset has been approved by your manager or not



Keep personal collections 

Group images and videos across your brand's Dash into your own personal collections.

Create collections of images you'd like to use in your next campaign or assets for a top secret project you're working on - your secret's safe with Dash.


Build a folder structure that works for you

Sometimes, only a good old folder will do it.

Use folders on Dash to collect together different types of assets so your team can find everything they need for their project - without having to go hunting.


Our customers simplify how they organise their assets

  • TS-1

    Tom S

    Content and Social Manager

    An invaluable tool

    Before Dash, we organised our original assets on a server using a traditional file system ... it became unmanageable and incredibly difficult to find anything. Being able to give multiple images the same file title, or tags, makes finding them weeks and months later so easy.

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  • MarkD-G2

    Mark D

    Video content producer

    Fast, reliable Digital Asset Management

    It allows us to quickly and easily organise our digital assets, with very little effort. The AI tools help reduce the need for major input on my part freeing me up to focus on other aspects of my job.

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  • SK

    Sannah K

    Marketing manager

    Saving hours of photo searching

    If you spend hours looking for photos amongst your folders, would definitely recommend switching to Dash. It has decreased the time we need to look through photos, and enhanced efficiencies dramatically as a marketing team. Its ease of use, and smooth interface makes it a breeze to use.

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