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I was just putting the finishing touches to a case study for leading travel comparison search network, momondo, when it occurred to me that quite a few travel and tourism organisations are using Asset Bank; STA Travel, Jumeirah Hotels, Avis and Budget car hire, Manchester and Yorkshire Tourism, to name a few. So why do so many travel companies need Digital Asset Management (DAM) software then?

The importance of images in the travel industry

If you think about it a bit further it soon becomes obvious why these organisations have a greater need for DAM software. Images are still by far the most popular asset in most of our clients’ Asset Banks, regardless of their industry. In the travel industry, as we explore further in our momondo case study, images have a critical role in whether a traveller decides to choose a destination or book a hotel. Organisations spend thousands in developing their own image collections so it’s logical that they should invest in a quality image management tool that will ensure these images are shared and utilised as much as possible.


An enticing image used by our client Jumeirah Hotels

DAM software vs Image libraries

DAM software offers an advantage over more traditional image libraries in that it has the potential to store and share any asset, not just images. but it also provides many more sophisticated features and functionality. Here are just a few examples of what Asset Bank’s DAM software can do:


Reformat, crop and resize images prior to download with Asset Bank

  • Flexible user groups - create different user groups (for example; internal staff, media, partners) to determine what different types of users can see and download. You can also add permissions so users can request approval to view or download an asset.
  • Upload any asset - store, manage and share any asset type including all image, video, audio and document formats.
  • Lightbox sharing - create multiple lightboxes and easily share them with users and non-users so they can quickly feedback or download an asset.
  • CMS integration - website editors can quickly browse Asset Bank to find an image and then upload it straight into the CMS.
  • Multi-lingual versions - most major travel organisations have staff and customers all over the world. With our enterprise level Asset Bank you can create different multi-lingual versions so it’s easy for staff to access assets in their own language.
  • Video keywording - link keyword meta data to points of time in your videos. This enables users to quickly find chunks of footage they require.
  • Asset development - our clients are increasingly using their asset bank to develop and collate feedback on assets (such as press advertisement and web pages) until they are ready to be used.

Travel company DAM case studies

If you are interested in reading further on how travel and tourism organisations use DAM software you might be interesting in these case studies, blogs and public facing Asset Banks.


An image from STA's Asset Bank

The last link for the Royal Pavilion links directly through to their Asset Bank. Not only do they use their DAM to share images of the Pavilion with staff, media and partners but they also use their DAM to earn revenue by allowing users to buy usage of their images.


Browse the Royal Pavilion Image Store  

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