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What is a digitised art collection and how can a digital asset management system support the creation of one? Asset Bank DAM Consultant, Paul Mulvee, discusses our latest exciting collaboration with The Collections Trust and Todd-White Art Photography... The Collections Trust is a UK-based charity that works worldwide with museums, libraries, galleries and archives to improve the management and use of their collections. A core element of this is the digitisation and presentation of collections online in order to both promote greater levels of public engagement whilst ensuring collections, and knowledge related to them, are backed-up and protected.


The 2016 Conference was titled "Who needs digitised collections?" and was comprised of a series of presentations throughout the day from a number of speakers who work in the collections sector. There was also the chance to mingle with peers and vendors over drinks.

Asset Bank and Todd-White Art Photography

Asset Bank launched their partnership with Todd-White Art Photography at the event. Todd-White are experts in the art digitisation space (they hold a Royal Warrant for their work in this sector) and we have partnered with them in order to offer an end-to-end solution for galleries and museums who have yet to start their digitisation process. We believe that our combined expertise and knowledge, along with our reasonable price point,  will be attractive to clients in this sector.

Our Presentation - Beecroft Gallery Case Study

The first project that we have worked on together is the Digitisation and Digital Asset Management of paintings for the Beecroft Art Gallery (which is part of the Southend Museums Group).


In our talk we touched on:

  • the digitisation process itself and the cameras and lighting used
  • working with the metadata (painting titles, donation information and other provenance information), which in this case existing as handwriting on physical cards that could not benefit from Optical Character Recognition
  • the set-up and configuration of Asset Bank for various groups including the general public and staff

View a copy of our Presentation. 


A great opportunity to meet people

It was great to be at the event as we got to talk to lots of people including a few of our existing clients from Leonard Cheshire Disability and Royal Pavilion & Museums Brighton. It was also enlightening to speak with other vendors and to understand new technologies that are emerging, such as photogrammetry (the science of making measurements from photographs).

We were excited to share our knowledge of digitised collections and to demonstrate the value of digital asset management systems in providing better access to timeless works of art.

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