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Digital Asset Management as the name suggests is all about how to manage digital assets such as images, videos or documents. Whilst digital assets are nothing new Digital Asset Management (DAM) software is an industry that is growing rapidly year on year as more businesses become reliant on digital assets.

The landscape

Well firstly let’s not assume you already know. The path to true Digital Asset Management (DAM) knowledge, as with most technical subjects, is paved with acronyms. Digital asset management refers to the act of storing, cataloguing, annotating, retrieving and distributing digital assets and the tasks, processes and administration that surrounds it. In simpler terms that means save, backing up and making a digital file easily accessible. A “digital asset” could be anything you can store digitally but commonly refers to image, audio, video or document files.

Because of the broad types of assets that can be managed digital asset management systems are categorised by their intended use; such as brand asset management systems, library asset management systems or production asset management systems. For digital asset management systems used to manage images these are commonly referred to as image management systems.

Return on investment

As with most sensible purchases other than to satisfy our basic needs they will serve two purposes. 1: make life easier; 2: save money. Investment in a digital asset management system will do both. Anything that will reduce the time your employees spend doing something will increase productivity and therefore reduce costs/increase turnover. A digital management system will do this in two ways:
  • Reduce time spent searching – As you would expect with any system that’s core purpose is organisation, it will save you time trying to find things.
  • Reduce duplication – will stop two people producing the same asset. The problem most prevalent in large organisations is lack of cross department communication.
This means finding that picture of the “man standing on a melon holding a pencil sharpener” becomes much easier and quicker leaving your team to get on with more important things. Not only that but when Jeff in marketing needs a picture of a “rabbit playing tennis”, he calls up his photographer, goes to the pet shop, spends a good few hours teaching the rabbit how to play tennis only to find out a week later Jane already went through that. What a waste of time and money!

Get organised now

Think of a digital asset management system as a virtual giant filing system for all your digital assets that’s job is to make you and your team’s life easier. With an ever growing amount of digital information within businesses the time to get organised is becoming increasingly important. The sooner any business gets going with implementing a digital asset management system the better as the cost and time investments are significantly reduced with a smaller library to catalogue.

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