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Many thanks to the 54 of you who completed our recent Customer Support survey. As promised we have made a donation of £108 to Save the Children as a little thank you. Below is a summary of the results.

How do you rate Asset Bank customer support?

There were 5 possible answers to this question but thankfully no-one choose 'Very bad' or 'Poor'! Most of you choose 'Excellent' or 'Good'. The average score was 4.15 out of 5.

What's best about our Customer Support service?

What you like best about our Customer Support service is how promptly we respond. You think we are helpful, friendly, professional, personal and accessible.

A few of you also like the fact we use zendesk for our customer support software. We hope you don't mind if we share some of your lovely responses: 'the service is second to none' 'it is an absolute pleasure working with Asset Bank' 'the team is always helpful' ' I am so consistently wowed by the passion that customer support has for their product' 'just great'

 How can we improve our service further

This is arguably the most useful part of the survey for us as we are always looking to improve. Quite a few of you suggested that no improvements were required which is always encouraging.

Though the majority of you are very happy with our speed of response (see previous graph) there are a few of you who would like us to be even quicker - we'll see what we can do! We will also look at whether we can provide an Account Management service, remember to speak in simple to understand language and improve our Knowledge Base.  

Thanks again for giving us feedback and if there is anything further you would like to add please tell us now!

Amanda, Customer Support Manager

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