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In this blog we explore the advantages of using Asset Bank’s Digital Asset Management software for digital image management.



Assets Vs Images

Everyone knows what an image is right? But what about a digital asset? A Digital Asset is any electronic file such as a logo, image or video that has associated metadata(e.g. title, description or keywords) that is owned by an individual or an organisation. For most of our clients, images are their most common Digital Asset but it is rare that they manage images alone. If you have a need to store, manage and share images, you probably have other digital assets that would benefit from the same attention.

Uploading images

With Asset Bank you can upload any image file, one by one or in bulk. You can extract embedded metadata at point of upload or from spreadsheets, saving time and making this content searchable. Asset Bank can automatically ingest images from your network, as well as mirror any folder categorisation you have created.

Finding images

Asset Bank is designed to allow you to find any image quickly, with lightning fast searching,  even across millions of images. Search is supported with stemming (taking care of plurals and similar words), auto-complete (suggesting search phrases based on existing metadata), advanced search and search builder options. You can create browsable categories and easily promote collections onto the homepage, so popular images can be retrieved even quicker. GIS and Geotagging also allows you to search and find images using their geographical location.

Sharing images

It’s easy to share images with Asset Bank. Your colleagues and partners can login directly and download the image they require. They can even resize, edit or crop the image prior to downloading (allowing them to easily generate content for specific requirements such as Web Banners, Social Media content, etc.). Of course you can set the user permissions to control what people can see, edit or download. Prior to download you can also create and share any number of lightboxes of images with others. This is very useful when a few people are involved in image selection. You can also create slideshows, contact sheets and photo essays.

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