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Even if your daily commute is walking up the stairs to your spare room there's still plenty of time for podcasts. As of January 2020, there are 850,000 active podcasts and more than 30 million podcast episodes (Podcast Insights, 2020). This shows some pretty epic growth, considering there were just 500,000 active podcasts in February 2018. Instead of leaving you to trawl through thousands of titles, we've done the hard work for you and asked around the Bright team to find out what people are listening to when they need some positive vibes or a few ruddy laughs.

Dear Joan & Jericha

This is one of those podcasts where you find yourself thinking ‘did she just say that?’ on numerous occasions - outrageously shocking spoof agony aunts (Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine) meander their way round mundane problems, always going a little bit too far. Claire Rayner on acid, very amusing!

Ecstasy: The Battle of Rave 

A nostalgic (for some of us at least!) listen taking us back to the early days of rave, getting behind the scenes of what what really going on in the clubs and beyond. The fact clubs are now closed due to the pandemic made this especially poignant. The format is interesting, a six-part documentary interspersed with monologues, so a little drama too.

Josh Berry's Fake News 

If you haven’t heard of impressionist and comedian Josh Berry then you’ve been denied the pleasure of experiencing his many alter-egos, including Tory party ‘advisor’ Rafe Hubris, ‘Bristol raver’ and Andy Murray. His new podcast, Fake News, feels like a combination of The Mash Report and Spitting Image. And it’s very silly.

Guilt and Shame 

Comedians Gabriel Bisset-Smith and Robert Cawsey, along with Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s best bud and writing partner Vicky Jones, are at the helm of this podcast. Nothing is off limits here and it’s like listening in on your funniest friends for an hour of escapist nonsense.

Table Manners with Jessie Ware 

Singer Jessie Ware’s now wildly successful podcast Table Manners sees Ware and her leopard-print clad matriarch of a mum cook up a feast for A-listers. The food serves as a gateway to the meat of the interviewee’s stories (notable guests have included John Legend, Dawn French and even Kylie Minogue) and feels like a warming, comforting bowl of chicken soup.

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin 

For nearly a decade, Alec Baldwin has been chatting to his celebrity mates in a café or mulling over a particular topic with a guest. It’s intimate and really feels like you’re listening in on conversations between old, very well-connected, friends.

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day 

If you can ignore the slightly gushing tones of host Elizabeth Day, then consider this a podcast to tune into when life feels like it’s not quite going as planned. I love the variety of guests Day attracts, from George Alagiah to Scarlett Moffat. Each guest picks 3 of their life ‘failures’ and discusses how these instances shaped their path, often with inspiring results.

My Dad wrote a Porno 

Admittedly this is soooo 2015 but regardless, it’s an absolute corker. Read by Jamie Morton, James Cooper and Alice Levine, each episode features a new chapter from the amateur erotic novella ‘Belinda Blinked’ penned by Jamie’s dad. Listen in horror as this retired father (pen named ‘Rocky Flintstone’) puts his version of erotic fiction on down on paper…..terrifying.

Home Cooking

This podcast is hosted by chef and cookbook author Samin Nosrat (of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat fame) and Hrishi Hirway. They originally started it as a four-part podcast during the first global lockdown, where they’d describe what they’d been cooking during quarantine and taking questions sent in by listeners. The series was so popular that it has been extended indefinitely and is full of puns, jokes, helpful tips and delicious recipe ideas.

The BIG Bright Podcast!

We couldn't leave without giving a shameless plug to our very own podcast - the BIG Bright Podcast! Every episode we record aims to provide you with fun, informative topics around marketing, tech and design - with a little bit of office goss thrown in for good measure! 

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