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It’s official: the marketing conspiracy is real. And we’re here to expose it. 

For too long marketers have been kept hidden from the essential online marketing tools they need to work their magic. 

We’re not talking about the big-name products that are toted in the marketing community on a daily basis. This is just a smokescreen for the solutions that they don’t want you to know about. 

These are the solutions that will enable you to unleash your creativity and make a difference to your brand, your business, and - most importantly - your customers. 

So, let’s keep them hidden no more! Here are the top five marketing tools that you’ve probably never heard of. (You can thank us later). 


Brand reputation is more important now than ever before. Social media means your audience has the power to make or break your reputation with the click of a button. 

However, that doesn’t mean you need to be refreshing your social feeds every few minutes. Nor does your marketing team need to trawl through endless forums to discover where new prospects might be hanging out. How can you continually monitor something as vast as the internet?

Well, now you Mention it…

This online marketing tool is ideal for tracking and monitoring the conversations your audience is having about you on the web. For brand managers, this is essential. 

Mention will log every time someone posts about you. Whether that’s review sites, social feeds, competitors or news outlets. It’s super easy to monitor your brand’s online presence with just a click of a button. No wonder it’s been kept hidden from you. 

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) System  

Our recent research paper shows that 58% of marketers believe that creativity is the ‘oxygen of marketing’. It’s certainly hard to be creative when you’re being stifled by outdated systems and processes.

That’s why our very own digital asset management (DAM) solution is included on this list. 

Asset bank product photography

Image: Asset Bank product photography

Digital asset management is so much more than just a nifty system to keep your images and documents in order. It’s a key tool for marketers who want to manage their brand assets and track where marketing materials are being used within their company. 

Think of the time your CEO mistakenly sent out a video with the old company logo on it. Or, consider the amount of time spent creating beautiful graphics and imagery, only for them to be lost within the maze of shared drives and email attachments.

You’ve been sent on a wild goose chase, and it’s time to get back in the game. 

At Bright, we offer two DAM solutions; Asset Bank and Dash. Both have unique uses and features to help you organise your image library and brand assets. But, ultimately, they are here to help you cut through the chaos. This means you can start pushing those gorgeous graphics and BAFTA-worthy video promos out into the world before your competitors even know what’s happening. 

Collaboration-1Image: Dash product photography 


According to Hubspot, 87% of video marketers report that video gives them a positive ROI. And, from a customer perspective, nine out of ten people actually want to see more videos from brands. 

That makes for a pretty strong argument for upping your video marketing game. 

However, unless you’re a huge company with an unlimited budget, video marketing is often the first thing to be left by the wayside. It’s simply too costly, time-consuming and complicated. 

But don’t be fooled! That’s just what they want you to believe. 

Instead, let us introduce: Waymark

Product in tight

This low-cost video templating service makes you the director of your brand story, without the need for lengthy storyboards and too much creative brain-power. Because let’s be honest, we can’t be masterminds all the time. 

This video marketing tool allows you to choose from tonnes of professionally created templates. You can add your own brand assets, text and sounds in just a few clicks. It’s the perfect bridge between high-brow video production and marketing teams. 

Want to find out more? Check out our podcast where we talk to Kay-Anne Reed, from Waymark, about all things video marketing. 


Display Purposes - Instagram Hashtag Generator 

Love it or hate it; Instagram is here to stay. Many companies use it as their main social media platform. Considering around 90% of Instagram users follow a business account, that’s a lot of opportunity for brand exposure.

So, keeping on top of Instagram trends is essential. And, as boring as hashtag research may be, it’s vital if you want to stay relevant to your audience and your industry. Easier said than done if you’ve got a small marketing team and a million things to do. 


Let Display Purposes help you out.

This clever social media marketing tool is not just a time saver. The hashtag generator gives you the most popular and relevant hashtags for your industry. And it’s all live data.

Simply type a word into the generator, e.g ‘marketing’ and within seconds you’ll see a list of related hashtags that real people are using right now. So you can get back on the ‘gram and let Display Purposes do the #hashtagging for you. 


We don’t know about your experience as a marketer, but we know many who find themselves wearing a lot of different hats. Mainly, the designer cap. (See what we did there?)  

Marketing teams often have to design branded assets to post on social media, blog posts, emails, company updates — the list goes on. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is a Photoshop whizz. There is an increasing number of online marketing tools that bridge the gap between marketing and design skills. This is where Pixlr comes in handy. 

Unlike many online design tools, Pixlr offers a fantastic free package that allows you to try several advanced design techniques that you’d probably need to pay for elsewhere. 

Most notably, the ‘remove background’ feature. Using AI (artificial intelligence), Pixlr detects objects in the foreground of your picture and expertly removes everything else behind it. Pretty useful if you want to superimpose your boss against a fancy background.  

Our goal at Bright is to make your workday more inspiring. Our intelligent DAM solutions are here to cut through the chaos, allowing you to have a more productive, fulfilling enjoyable day. 


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