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Are your images and videos living in a house of horrors?

Are ghastly ghouls haunting your creative processes this Halloween? Here are just some of the alarming apparitions that could be causing stress, creating..

Shutterstock integration with Asset Bank!

The success of digital campaigns rest heavily on the usage of striking and complementary imagery, and no one is better known for providing high-quality..

5 of the funniest marketing fails

In the world of creatives, what can seem like a great idea in the boardroom doesn’t always translate into a successful marketing campaign. But wouldn’t..

Exploring marketing focuses in the post-lockdown world

With changes slowly unfolding around us, businesses are looking ahead to how they will entice new business when competition is tough. In May, we..

Getting the tone just right - campaigns that got lockdown spot on

Ever stared down at a blank screen and felt yourself fall into a void of... meh? Creativity is a fickle beast at the best of times, but add the small..
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How to brief a photographer for your next campaign

There are lots of guides out there but how to brief a photographer, but what if you’re a marketer, communications specialist or a creative director..
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Love Island - who’s really calling the shots?

Love Island returns to our screens on the 12th January and viewing public is already on tenterhooks waiting to see who will enter the villa. To the..

What’s next for 2020 marketing campaigns?

The results are in. As voted for by you, the lovely readers (or shared, at least), the UK’s top 10 influencers have been named. Among them we have the..

Should you be using stock imagery for your Christmas campaigns?

Without question, Christmas is the most demanding time of year for marketers. Whether it’s festive print brochures or social media campaigns, we’re..

2010-2019: what we learned from the decade’s best ad campaigns

There’s something about advertising that’s always struck a chord. Whether it’s John Lewis’ Christmas characters or social media rage over sexism, it..
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