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Digital Asset Management

PBC boxes clever*

One thing we love about our job is the eclectic range of clients we get to work with. PBC definitely fits this category. Premier Boxing Champions is a..
Digital Asset Management

Latest Asset Bank features. Release: 3.1684

We’re genuinely excited about the latest Asset Bank features available this month. So excited, in fact, we’ve made a video. In this short film we give you..
Digital Asset Management

Internet Marketing Podcast with Asset Bank’s Mike Blom

We’re always keen to get to know other tech companies in Brighton. One of the better known is digital marketing consultancy, Site Visibility, also the..
Digital Asset Management

Rights Management within a DAM system

One of the key benefits of using a Digital Asset Management System is the ability to manage any rights that apply to the assets within it. This may vary..
Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management for Photographers

Whether you are a professional photographer, an enthusiast or you just take the odd photo at a family event then it’s highly likely that at some point you..
Digital Asset Management

AI in DAM – is it ready yet?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems haven't changed fundamentally over the last 15 years - at their heart they are still databases of digital files and..
Digital Asset Management

Why your DAM and CMS should be good friends

If you work for an enterprise who is serious about marketing, your DAM and your CMS should be two key components of your marketing technology stack. But..
Digital Asset Management

Customer Support Satisfaction Survey February 2016

Tell it to me straight At Asset Bank we believe its important to regularly ask you, our clients, what you think about us, our product and our customer..
Digital Asset Management

50 reasons why your marketing team needs a DAM

If you're reading this blog you probably already know that DAMs are a good thing for your marketing team.  But we recognise that your financial director..
Digital Asset Management

Getting your Asset Bank live

We recently published a new infographic to show the steps involved in getting your Asset Bank live. For many of our customers, Asset Bank is their first..