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Digital Asset Management

Controlling your digital assets: by folders or by files?

Where are my files, and who can access them? These are the two key questions in Digital Asset Management (DAM) and they boil down to the issues of..
Digital Asset Management

Think you don’t need a DAM? Think again…

It's been ten years now, but my honeymoon to India with my wife is still so vivid. The rickety buses, coconut leaf curries and paradise beaches. The..
Digital Asset Management

9 reasons why DAM is like darts (yes, we went there)

  Like any good Digital Asset Management vendor, we like to associate our product and services with completely unrelated hobbies, then blog about..
Digital Asset Management

Build a Lego machine for Brighton Digital Festival 2016

  Plucky Lego robot on a mission to fight injustice Last year, our Build a Hovercraft event for Brighton Digital Festival CDIT Open Studios was a big..
Digital Asset Management

Are you making this mistake with your DAM metrics?

  There's a major mistake that people make with metrics — they conflate them with their goals. In most cases, that's a bad idea.
Digital Asset Management

The best browser for Asset Bank?

  One of the most powerful features of a web-based DAM like Asset Bank is that it can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world, simply by typing a URL..
Digital Asset Management

Why I’ve learned that Digital Asset Management is crucial

    I'm Chris, a technical consultant at Asset Bank. After many years working as an IT consultant across various industries, I’ve recently joined Asset..
Digital Asset Management

Asset Bank excels in the first DAM industry pricing survey

  We’re pleased that Asset Bank has performed strongly in the recent DAM News Vendor Pricing Survey. Sixteen Digital Asset Management software vendors..
Digital Asset Management

Sign-up for Single Sign-on

We have recently announced new Single Sign-on integrations with Microsoft Azure, Okta and Onelogin. This has given us the opportunity to reacquaint..
Digital Asset Management

Introducing Autotagger

  If you have anything to do with the Martech industry you’ve probably read about the emerging use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in..