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Digital Asset Management

Who needs digitised art collections anyway?

What is a digitised art collection and how can a digital asset management system support the creation of one? Asset Bank DAM Consultant, Paul Mulvee,..
Digital Asset Management

5 free tools for creating great visual content

  Image courtesy of Mike Petrucci You know how it is — you need an image quickly for your blog, but can't seem to find anything on stock image sites..
Digital Asset Management

Access your assets instantly in Sitecore

We have a heap of integrations coming your way over the next few months. First on the list is the integration of Asset Bank’s DAM with Sitecore. 
Digital Asset Management

Learning about Agile…with Lego building

After the success of last year's Build a Hovercraft event for Brighton Digital Festival CDIT Open Studios , we decided to created a lego-themed day this..
Digital Asset Management

5 gadgets that we need to own — right now

We're not saying that we're gadget mad or anything. We're just saying that our lives won't be complete without...
Digital Asset Management

6 secrets of great video content

Videos are becoming increasingly crucial brand assets. So here are some tips for creating content that ‘wows’, from online video specialists, SeeThat...
Digital Asset Management

Why I’m not sorry I’m “late”

  A while back, when I worked in a call centre for a well known energy provider, I was reprimanded for being late 96% of the time.  It was found that..
Digital Asset Management

Lift-off! We’ve launched our new user experience

  Upgrading a software interface is a bit like improving a winding route into a town — you cut down a few trees, remove a few boulders and pave a more..
Digital Asset Management

Are microservices set to revolutionise DAM?

    Martin Wilson, Asset Bank co-founder It's clear that microservices are set to change the face of software development. That being the case, digital..
Digital Asset Management

How to set up flexible options for published Lightboxes

  Are you making the most of your published Lightboxes? They're one of the methods in Asset Bank for sharing your assets externally. The benefit is that..