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Digital Asset Management

Maximise return from your DAM investment

Can your Digital Asset Management solution really be a one-off investment? In theory, yes - but we wouldn't recommend it. Our 14 years of experience in..
Digital Asset Management

Drive international engagement with this 1 simple change to your DAM

Content Delivery Networks or "CDNs" are becoming increasingly popular as of late - and rightly so - because they're a great way to improve the speed in..
Digital Asset Management

Growing pains? How to scale your DAM programme at a global level

As an organisation grows, keeping track of assets and who is managing them becomes a larger and more complex task. Asset Bank offers a range of tools to..
Digital Asset Management

Six ways to improve user experience

Asset Bank has a huge array of features that many of our customers don't take of advantage of  - here are our favourite picks of often forgotten features..
Digital Asset Management

Kick-starting Innovation in Digital Asset Management

It feels like the Digital Asset Management industry is poised for a shakeup, driven by rapid changes in the wider software development industry.  DAM..
Digital Asset Management

The State of On-line Video: 2017 and Beyond

Online video is growing more than any other form of advertising, at a rate of 110% each year, with 55% of people watching online videos every single day. 
Digital Asset Management

What you need to know about machine learning in DAM

Asset Bank was one of the first digital asset management solutions to offer auto-tagging capabilities.  Martin discusses what we did, and learned, in an..
Digital Asset Management

Asset Bank’s Winter Photo Competition

To see in the New Year we’re launching a winter photo competition, open to all of our clients. All you need to do to enter is send us your best photo of..
Digital Asset Management

New integrations; SharePoint, WordPress and Drupal

Following the launch of our integration with Sitecore we’re keeping up the pace with three new Asset Bank integrations with hugely popular content..
Digital Asset Management

Understanding taxonomy and metadata in digital asset management

Metadata and Taxonomy are two words that everyone in the Digital Asset Management industry use on a day-to-day basis. The problem is that most people..