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How do you share your assets with people outside your organisation or supplier list, for example press contacts, without them logging in to your Digital Asset Management system?

The answer is through our new Publish Lightbox feature.

Publish Lightbox allows users outside of Asset Bank to review assets and their metadata and choose to download some or all of them.

How it works

Add the assets you would like to share to your lightbox. Select 'Publish' which will generate a link.



The link will display a current snapshot of the assets within your lightbox and can be re-published later to reflect any changes you make. You can set an expiry date for this link or unpublish it manually at a later date.



You can then send this link to anyone and they will be able to access the assets without logging into Asset Bank. Note, you can only publish assets that you have download permission for, 'view only' assets will not be shared. In addition, the attributes that are displayed beneath each published asset can be configured by an admin user (i.e. they can choose to show a different set of attributes on these published pages).


More details

Publish Lightbox is enabled via a settings change.
For more information, please visit: or contact the Asset Bank Customer Support Team:, +44 (0) 1273 923 152

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