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PBC boxes clever*

One thing we love about our job is the eclectic range of clients we get to work with. PBC definitely fits this category. Premier Boxing Champions is a television series created by Haymon sports. It’s mission is to regularly showcase bouts between today’s best and brightest boxing stars.


As a media company PBC creates a lot of digital assets. They only launched in 2015 but when they contacted us at the end of last year they already had 20,000 of them, mainly images. All of these assets were distributed in many different folders, and many different locations, making them very difficult to find. They needed a Digital Asset Management solution (DAM) and they needed it quick!

PBC's DAM has been live for over four months now and they are already seeing the benefits. It has a number of core elements that make it an interesting case study.

  1. They have three specific groups that require quite distinctive permission levels. There’s the freelancers who need to be able to upload images, the in-house photographers who need to upload and download, and then the media who need to download images.
  2. Usage of their DAM is very event led, centred around each bout. For every fight the admins will create a new folder so it’s easy for all the different groups to know where to upload and download images. The admins also create a dedicated lightbox where they can share the best images from each fight with the media.
  3. Keywords lists. These aren’t for everyone but in the case of PBC, they enable browsers to quickly find assets for specific fighters, fights or venues.

If you would like to learn more about PBC and their DAM you can read the full case study here.  

*At the risk of confusing a few of you, we hope you don’t mind a bit of British word play in the title of this blog. According to Collins Dictionary to ‘box clever’ is ‘to behave in a careful and cunning way’, an apt description for anyone installing a Digital Asset Management system in our view. Maybe next time we should just keep it simple eh?


Nick Vowles
Written by Nick Vowles