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Canva tips you need to know...

Let's set the scene. Our previous Digital Marketing Manager, Briony was a whizz kid at Photoshop and could knock up a branded asset in minutes. So we got..

How to make the most of your online art or museum collection

Art institutions and museums are digitising their galleries but how can you create the best digital archive possible and one that fully represents your..

Time for a rebrand? Huskii Studio share the telltale signs

Martine Warburton and Andy Broughton formed Huskii Studio after running successful design businesses individually. Both have young families and after..

How we plan on using AI to find the perfect image for your campaign

We’ve set ourselves a challenge: can we use machine learning to reduce the time it takes to find the perfect image?

Company culture - how we're really doing 7 months on

It’s been seven months since we recorded a podcast shortly after lockdown 1.0, discussing our plans for keeping the company culture alive and well when..

Are your images and videos living in a house of horrors?

Are ghastly ghouls haunting your creative processes this Halloween? Here are just some of the alarming apparitions that could be causing stress, creating..

Beyond the logo - how to create a consistent brand

A blurry logo here or a rogue typeface there can erode the strength of your brand identity and it can be hard to keep track of what’s coming and going...

Wax on, wax off - keeping 19 years in marketing fresh

We recently had the good fortune to nab an hour with Mark Docherty, Customer Marketing Manager at Autoglym to talk on our podcast. He's worked there for a..

Shutterstock integration with Asset Bank!

The success of digital campaigns rest heavily on the usage of striking and complementary imagery, and no one is better known for providing high-quality..

Swerving boring corporate videos & showcasing your personality

Hightower Video is an award-winning video production company providing TV advert and web video content for clients around the world. As part of our..