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While a great image can effortlessly sum up a feeling, mood or moment, getting the image can be anything but effortless. Great shots require patience, practice and sometimes a bit of luck. However, with image editing solutions even average shots can be transformed into something usable.


Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems such as Asset Bank can provide some image editing options to users, but to achieve dramatic results image editing software is required. Image editing software is used by professionals and amateurs alike and used properly can transform an image. Colour can be adjusted along with brightness levels and contrast. Red eyes and blemishes can be removed and special effects can be added to create the perfect shot.

Check out our top six image editing software solutions:

1. Adobe Photoshop

Synonymous with photo editing, Adobe Photoshop is, for many, the go to software when it comes to editing images. With Photoshop users can, at the touch of a button, even out skin tone, whiten teeth and remove red eyes. However, as it is designed for experienced photo-editors, getting the full benefit takes practice. Subscriptions are available from £8.57 per month as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud programme.

2. Serif Affinity Photo

Aiming to rival Photoshop is Serif Affinity Photo, a professional standard image editing solution. Due for release in summer 2015, early reviews suggest it is fast and has many of the features of Photoshop, and at a fraction of the cost! It is expected to be available for a one off cost of £39.99.

3. Adobe Lightroom

As you would expect from an Adobe product, Lightroom offers some great photo editing tools such as the ability to add vibrancy or remove unwanted items from an otherwise great shot. Lightroom also offers the advantage of allowing users to edit images while on the go, whether from a laptop or Android or Apple device, including iPhones. Subscriptions are available from £8.57 per month as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud programme.

4. GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program)

GIMP is a free editing solution that is packed with easy to use features, including lighting effects and the ability to correct colour, brightness and contrast. Other features include sharpen and blur.

5. Pixlr

Packed with more than 600 effects, Pixlr is an easy to use way to improve images. Effects include blemish removal and tooth whitening. Like GIMP it’s free to use.

6. Paintshop Pro

Boasting a wide range of editing tools and special effects, Paintshop Pro is a useful addition to any photo editor’s toolkit. An Ultimate version is also available and includes extra effects and even a stock of royalty free images. The one-off cost for version X7 of Paintshop Pro is around £34.99.  

With the ability to transform images, your bank of usable photos will undoubtedly expand. Therefore, finding a useful and easy way to manage and organise this growing bank of digital assets is essential. With a DAM solution like Asset Bank, it is easy to upload and categorise images as well as other digital files including presentations, audio files and video. What’s more, finding them is quick and easy too! With fast download and the ability to crop, resize and reformat images, a DAM solution is the perfect companion to image editing software.

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