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Administrator Training

For new Asset Bank administrators we offer both on-line and on-site training. This is an ideal way to help you understand all aspects of the system including managing users, configuring the user interface and utilisation of reports. Please contact us should this be of interest.

Support & Upgrades Programme

If you are already part of this programme, then you can contact the Support Team for fixing of defects and fair use help. Just email with your query. You will also be entitled to product upgrades which include enhancements to existing functionality plus brand new features. Please contact the support team if you are interested in joining or if you want to just check to see if you are already in the  programme.


Asset Bank Newsletter

We have an Asset Bank Newsletter that is sent periodically, keeping you up to date with any relevant news including descriptions of latest features and product enhancements added to each quarterly release. If you are interested, then please visit our homepage and sign up via the subscription panel below the Featured Projects area on the right of the page. You can of course opt out at any time and your email address will never be shared with anyone.



Should you have a requirement for a new feature that would save you valuable time and effort, then please contact us. Clients often commission us to extend Asset Bank to help fulfil their specific needs. Read more about customisations.


Standalone Applications

If you have a requirement for an application that would sit outside of Asset Bank, but that would make use of the data you hold within it, then we can build this for you. A recent example of such a project is a Presentation Builder which allows a client to manage individual PowerPoint slides in their Asset Bank, but have a separate application that allows their sales staff to quickly build a presentation. This is just an example, but if you have any projects like this that you would like to get our input on, then please contact us.


Asset Bank API (Application Programmers Interface)

Should you have the IT infrastructure in-house, you may want your own development team to write code that interfaces between Asset Bank and another of your applications. This can be done via the Asset Bank REST API. We hope this list has been useful.

If you have any feedback or questions then please get in touch:

Thanks, Paul.

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