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We have just added three new video demos of Asset Bank functionality. They cover the following areas:
  • Sharing a lightbox with colleagues
  • Sharing digital assets with non users
  • Adding usage rights, expiry dates and automatic email notifications

Read summaries and watch the videos below: Sharing a lightbox with colleagues

Find out how to share a lightbox of multiple images or other files with another Asset Bank user. Quickly find the user, send them an email and control whether they can add or remove items from the lightbox.

Sharing digital assets with non users

Find out how to share assets with non-users of Asset Bank. You can choose to email a file or a link if the file is large or there are multiple files. The recipient can then open and save the file or visit the link and download files as a zip. Another option is to actually publish a lightbox of your files or images on a web page, the recipient can then view all the files and choose to download all or just a selection.

Adding usage rights and expiry dates and notifications

Shows how to use the ‘usage rights attribute’ to mark an asset as internal use or external use or create a new tag such as a copyright. You can also add an expiry date, at which point the asset will be hidden from users, and highlight ‘usage rights’, so they are more noticeable. Finally we look at expiry notifications.

In addition to our video demos you can also try an online demo or contact us to arrange a guided demo.

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