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If you are a regular user of this site you might have noticed a few changes recently. One of the biggest changes is we have come out from behind our multi-screens to reveal our faces.

So when you browse around the site you get to meet a few of the team. Here's a quick low-down on who is on the site so far. Are we missing your favourite Asset Bank contact?

If so let us know and we will try and persuade them to give us a picture to put on the site. We are struggling to persuade our developers!

  •  Ross Davidson - Sales Manager
  •  Francis Devereux - Technical Architect
  •  Mike Blom - Developer
  •  Eric Clack - Director
  •  Paul Mulvee - Sales Consultant
  •  Sarah McCunn - Project Manager
  •  Martin Wilson - Director
  •  Rachel Church - Team Admin
  •  Holly Thomson - Office Manager
  • Nick Vowles - Marketing Manager
  •  Caroline Collyer - HR Manager
  •  Rob Edwards - Support
  • Susan Lin, Project Manager
  • Sam, Support

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