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Digital content is King/Queen/insurmountable. Choosing an appropriate amount to be blogging, posting or creating is an ongoing struggle for Marketers across the globe. Should we be blogging once a day, week, a month? It’s enough to cause heart palpitations, especially for freelancers and companies with a limited content team.

The best social media publishing frequency is: when it's worthwhile. - Jay Baer, Convince and Convert

So what’s the answer? Quality, consistency and objective-led strategies. Apologies for the lack of dramatic revelations, however, it does take the heart rate down to a healthier level.

HubSpot recently commented that updating blog post content is key to giving your content a boost, as traffic is compounding and gains organic results over time. But we can go further than that. Here are our top tips for repurposing the content you have already got, making sure to squeeze every bit of juicy goodness out…

Transcribe your podcasts into blog posts

Audible content such as podcasts is growing rapidly. According to Ofcom ‘around 7.1 million people in the UK now listen to podcasts each week. That’s one in eight people and is an increase of 24% over the past year’. Each podcast contains a great deal of interesting information and it makes total sense to transcribe into a blog post for your website. Not only does it give your audience a secondary option to digest the content, but will also boost SEO due to Google being able to crawl text easier than audio files. Transcribing a podcast episode as a blog provides a dedicated URL to host the podcast widget, directing readers to listen as well as read. It’s also essential for ensuring your podcasts are accessible for those who are hard of hearing. For easy transcribing, check out or

Organise your digital assets for easy access

We know it’s a daunting task. But imagine how easy life would be if you could find any image or file in seconds? Investing time into organising your existing digital assets will reward you in the long term, as there’s most likely plenty of content, images and videos you could repurpose. You can use cloud storage such as Google Drive or invest in a Digital Asset Management System (DAM) such as Asset Bank and Dash which allow you to upload, store and share in seconds. There are options to add expiry dates for licenses or permission levels for sensitive documents. It’s pretty clever, but then we would say that...

Heavy lifting

Meta descriptions work well as social copy

Meta descriptions are the Netflix trailer to your blog post/landing page. Make it count. This is your chance to be persuasive, witty, and most importantly, clear about what the reader will find when they land on your website. The great part? It can be used across your social channels too! Make sure to change things up a little, use a supporting image (tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images - Buffer, 2019) add some relevant hashtags and you’re good to go.

Lift golden nuggets to promote

Quotes, facts and stats - the digital marketer’s dream. Scan your content for the juicy nuggets of info that will stand out and hook your audience in. Then use them to promote your content across social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. By choosing one pivotal piece of information you will have a clear focus for your social copy which should encourage people to find out more and click through to your website. A great way to use these short facts or stats is to create short videos, GIFS or images to display the information. Video beats any other form of post across most social channels so you’ll be more likely to reach the top of your audience’s feed. PRO TIP: Branded links in social media marketing are now a best practice, as they're known to increase trust between your brand and your audience, as well as increase engagement and click-through-rate. Marketers can create branded links using platforms like Rebrandly URL Shortener.

Go back and re-share! 

We’re all guilty of it. Spending ages crafting the perfect blog, sharing across our social channels and then… forgetting all about it. But what about the eyes that didn’t see the content, who missed it on Twitter or LinkedIn? There are 500 million tweets per day or 6000 per second (Brandwatch, 2020) which makes it easy to miss one. People deserve to see your content and it’s only right to reshare. By drafting out a social media posting calendar, you can remind yourself to reshare a piece of content every week or so, changing up the copy or using different images. Great quality content takes time and money to produce so it makes total sense to push it out by every medium possible. Make sure to send it round to your colleagues, link in newsletters, and even give it a little paid boost if needed. Every click helps. 

So there we have it, our golden rules to repurposing your precious content. If you’d like to hear more from the team then why not subscribe to our BIG Bright Podcast, or check out our DAM systems which will make your working life 56%* easier.

*This is a guesstimate, but we’re pretty sure you’ll love it 🤓

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