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For companies used to dealing with large volumes of digital assets, such as advertising agencies, introducing a Digital Asset Management solution (DAM) is an obvious choice. With a significant and growing bank of assets, finding an efficient way to store, archive, retrieve and share files is essential.

However, DAM solutions are not just for advertising agencies. Many different types of businesses and organisations are now finding themselves trying to cope with an increasing amount of images, presentations, data files and other media. 


If your staff can't find your logo you probably need a DAM

In part this is down to the ease to which a marketing campaign can now be launched, with social media connecting businesses with customers and interested parties at the touch of a button, it means companies require a steady stream of new imagery, adverts, videos and other assets. With such a growing number, it can be easy to lose track of what has been used and what is available for use with future campaigns.

Every asset, whether it is a presentation or an image, represents an investment of time and money and therefore it is important that businesses get the most from their investment. A DAM system can help achieve this. As well as making it easy to upload, find and download the asset, essential information, such as how many times the asset has been downloaded, helps companies see whether the asset is being used too little, or too much.

So, when is it time to introduce a DAM system to your business?

Well, we have come up with a short checklist of instances when we think a DAM solution could benefit your organisation…
  • Access to assets is via a small number of staff who are overrun with requests.
  • Currently, not everyone knows where assets are located.
  • Assets might be available on a network but are not properly stored or categorised, making it incredibly difficult to find the right asset.
  • Your assets need to be regularly shared with a number of third parties such as media and agencies.
  • Your business wants to improve the consistency and quality of brand communication.
  • You are spending a small fortune sending assets, like video files for example, by courier or post.
  • Your organisation has ambitious future marketing plans.
  • Some assets are being over-used, probably because of a lack of an alternative being readily available.
  • You have outgrown your existing system (your current system can be migrated into an Asset Bank DAM solution, saving you hassle).

Here at Asset Bank, we understand that every business is different and a one-size fits all approach does not work. This is why our DAM systems are fully configurable and can be styled in line with your company’s branding, to ensure seamless company integration. Thanks to an adaptable workflow process, owners can decide who can upload, view, download and edit assets, helping to prevent misuse.

If you think the time is right for a DAM solution for your organisation please contact the Asset Bank team on 01273 923 150.


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