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At Asset Bank we develop and implement both standard and made to measure Digital Asset Management software for clients. The term Digital Asset covers everything from images to videos to powerpoint presentations and our software provides complete digital management of all these assets.

One of the most popular assets that our clients need help with is the storage, management and sharing of images.


Work with Asset Bank and ditch those CD's

So we thought it would be useful to share our knowledge on Image Library Software benefits.

Image library software is all about delivering complete and total control – always desirable in business!

Knowing exactly what you have in terms of images, where to find them and how to find them in a matter of seconds can really add a new dynamic to a business. It’s not just a case of storage at cost, over the years we have also added dozens of valuable features to our image library software packages.

Here’s a quick look at 8 of our key features:

1. Easily upload and retrieve files

Creating a library either from scratch or perhaps migrating an existing library over to the new service couldn’t be easier. Asset Bank allows for any file type to be uploaded both individually or in bulk. Once the library is established it will automatically generate previews like thumbnails and video clips for ease of browsing when you are looking to retrieve files.

2. Lightning-fast search

Image search is also easy. No matter how enormous or complex the image library becomes, lightning-fast searches can be carried out from any access point, with popular searches being saved for even faster results next time.

3. Custom Downloads

When your stakeholders download a file from Asset Bank they can get it in the size and format they need. Within Asset Bank they can also crop, mask or make colorspace conversions.

4. Multiple Lightboxes

It is possible to quickly create, use, share and flip between multiple image lightboxes.

5. Sophisticated Reporting

Our software creates powerful and easy to use reports such as; documenting which files are used the most, which searches are most popular, who might be using the files, and the search terms others are using.

6. Storage

The use of cloud storage for images allows for practically limitless scope in terms of size and recoverability.

7. Customise

Practically every last detail regarding the image library and the system put in place can be customised from the ground up to create a 100% perfectly tailored package for any business.

8. More than just images

Though images are probably the first asset on your mind, we find our clients almost always have a need to store and share other assets including videos, presentations and good old word documents. Asset Bank is fully equipped for all these assets if and when you need to manage them!

For more information on image library software and the management of digital assets in general, contact Asset Bank.

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