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We recently asked a good few of you to give us your views on Asset Bank.

Firstly a big THANK YOU to those who contributed. To show our gratitude we have donated £130 to UNICEF.

So what do you think?

We asked you to tell us which areas of Asset Bank need improvement.



The three most popular areas which you would like us to look at are:
  • User and permission management

  • Downloading and conversion functionality

  • Customisation options

What new features would you like?

We also asked you what new features or specific improvements you’d like. You gave us a large number of different ideas, all of which will go on our product development backlog.  Ideas included; direct download by asset type, freehand cropping, and Adobe integration. The most popular ideas were:
  • More flexible reporting

  • Simplification of the permissions feature

What’s next?

We will prioritise your feedback and then start to make further improvements to Asset Bank. We may contact some of you to explore your feedback further. Hope that's ok! Finally, if you want to get involved in future product surveys then please sign-up or amend your email subscriptions to get involved next time. But please do feel free to tell us what you think at any time.


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