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To own the omnichannel landscape, content marketers need to create content that’s on-brand, on-demand and at scale. No easy feat when that could include blog posts, videos, social content, thought leadership, ebooks, podcasts and more.

In our previous article - How to scale your content marketing processes with DAM - we talked about the benefits DAM delivers to busy content marketers.

In this article, we’re going to look at specific features of Asset Bank and how they can help you create content more effectively - whether that’s designing digital content, downloads or print material.

Speed and efficiency

Asset Bank makes it faster to find, use and reuse digital assets in your content marketing - meaning higher productivity and faster time-to-market.

Fast ingest and tagging

Before you can start using DAM to speed up your content production processes, you need to upload your digital assets to Asset Bank. We make this quick and easy with the following features:

  • Bulk upload - Upload files in bulk and add common metadata to multiple assets in one go.

  • Auto-tagging - Uses AI to automatically add useful tags to your images, so they’re eminently more discoverable.

  • Facial recognition - Tag a face once and Asset Bank can apply that tag to every photo featuring specific individuals in your library.

Enhanced search and discoverability

Once you’ve uploaded your digital assets to Asset Bank, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Asset Bank centralises all of your brand assets so you can access them within a couple of clicks and get back to the creative process. It also increases the ROI on commissioned assets by making them easier to find, reuse and repurpose.

  • Advanced search functionality - Search on a wide range of metadata and keywords, including file contents, colours, and even sentiment. Instead of being a frustrating - even fruitless - process, Asset Bank makes searching a creative journey.

  • Browse and visual preview - Browse through collections to find something that sparks your imagination, then check file contents with a large visual preview - simply scroll over the thumbnail to see more detail.

  • Time-saving conversions and integrations - Save even more time by accessing the exact file type you need, exactly where you need it. Minimise manual file manipulation, downloads and uploads that make your workflow, go slow.

    • Convert files at download - Crop images to preset or custom sizes within Asset Bank and download them ready for use. A brilliant time-saving feature for anyone needing to regularly upload content to social channels or websites.

    • Plug into your CMS - Access the full functionality of Asset Bank from within your CMS, so you can effortlessly search assets and instantly add them to blogs, articles and landing pages.

    • Integrate with API - Use our API feature to connect other external applications with Asset Bank to perform searches, retrieve assets, add assets, add metadata and more.


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Asset Bank makes it easier, faster and safer to work with content collaborators - so you can create with your dream content team, wherever they are in the world.

Send files fast

Send files quickly and securely to collaborators using the following features.

  • Quick share - Our lightning-fast quick-share feature lets you send a link to external partners and agencies so they can download your files, fast.

  • Custom galleries - Share carefully curated galleries of images so partners can browse selected assets and choose which to use.

  • External upload links - Send links to external contributors (like photographers) so they can add files to Asset Bank, then use an approval workflow to decide what to keep and use.

Share securely

Don’t risk files getting into the wrong hands. Our security features protect your assets from unauthorised access.

Secure file sharing - Share files securely direct from your Asset Bank, with optional password protection - no need to use third party sharing apps

Granular user permissions - Get the right people to see the right content at the click of a button. Easily manage user groups and decide what they can see and do.

Be on-brand

Asset Bank isn't ours, it's yours. Our team will help you to apply your company's branding including logo, colour scheme and fonts, making a system you'll feel proud to use.


Asset Bank makes it easier to execute high-quality, scroll-stopping content across your whole organisation. Empower all staff to create high-quality content that enhances - not dilutes - your brand.

Increase brand compliance

Your team can’t do everything. Empower colleagues to create better external materials using Asset Bank’s brand tools.

  • Promoted collections - Promote a collection of approved brand assets from your homepage, so all staff can find what they need to create on-brand content and collateral.

  • Organisational units - Delegate administrator responsibilities to individual regions and departments, so they can manage their own assets more effectively, as well as access brand essentials like logos.

  • Template app integrations - Integrate Asset Bank with one of our partner brand template apps to support staff to create high-quality outputs from pre-designed templates.

Reduce risk

Digital asset use comes with risks. You need to ensure all users know which assets they can use and which are off-limits. Asset Bank has several features to prevent costly mistakes.

  • Rights management - Easily keep track and communicate any licence information or restrictions to your users.

  • Consent forms - Link consent forms to digital assets and set alerts to remind you to review consent regularly.

  • Automatic archiving - Set assets to archive when your right to use them expires.


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