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Some users have asked how to display the file format of the original files they have uploaded on the asset panels that are visible when browsing categories or viewing search results.


If you would like to set this up on your Asset Bank, then the steps to follow are:

Step 1:

Create a new text attribute called 'File Format'. 


Step 2:

Set a mapping on upload to extract the file extension and push this into the new attribute.


Step 3:

To generate values for all existing assets in your system you will need to rerun metadata extraction for existing assets. You achieve this by clicking the relevant link on the following page: Admin > Attributes > Embedded Data Mappings

WARNING: Only do this if you are happy for all mapped fields to be overwritten. E.g. do not do it if you have keywords mapped on upload to a field that has subsequently been enhanced by users, as the new values will be overwritten. Contact if you are unsure.

Step 4:

Make this new attribute visible on all asset panels (i.e. the boxes you see when browsing or looking at search results). To do this go to: Admin > Attributes > Display Attributes and choose this attribute to appear on the panels (search, browse, list view and lightbox)

Step 5:

Finally, run a quick re-index (Admin > Attributes > 're-index existing items') to update the panels. Please remember though that users can convert assets to different formats at point of download, so this will only convey the format of the original file that was uploaded.

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