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carbon offsetting

We did it! Our team here at Bright is thrilled to announce that we are now officially a Carbon Neutral business. As a tech company, we are incredibly aware of the impact we have on our planet. It’s our responsibility to take action and we felt that offsetting was one of the biggest and most important first steps.

How did we become carbon neutral?

We decided to form a ‘Social Responsibility‘ group and as part of one our many new initiatives, have been working with Carbon Neutral Britain over the past few months. We’ve been looking at various ways in which we can tackle and reduce our footprint and after reviewing various options, we decided to opt to invest in The Woodland Fund Portfolio.

Burgos Wind farm Project - Philippines 5Wind Farm Project - Philippines 

This portfolio supports various projects across the globe. From conservation in Nicaragua and sustainable timber production in Panama, to maintaining the biggest wind farm in South East Asia - there are loads of ways that we’re able to contribute to the overall carbon offset.

Planting Biodiverst Forests - Panama

What’s more, these projects also trigger the creation of new jobs, additional income sources for farmers and better food security for local communities.

In numerical terms, we’ve already offset 42.02 tonnes of carbon emissions via The Woodland Fund Portfolio (January 2022).

Our continued pledge for the future

This is a fantastic first step - but it certainly isn’t the last. We are working on lots of projects in-house to become a more socially responsible business and ensure we are doing our bit for the planet.
If you’re interested to find out more about carbon offsetting in tech, take a listen to our podcast episode: The Lean Green Tech Machine - How can software companies reduce their carbon footprint?


What else are we up to?

We are currently working towards becoming a fully certified B-corporation. This is a company that “meets high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.” We’ve always considered ourselves to be socially and environmentally conscious, but the journey to B Corp has really opened our eyes.

So, watch this space as we work towards policy changes that will increase the amount of impactful work that we do.

Why not get a few like-minded people together in your organisation and start your own social responsibility team today?

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